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Arts Angels

The DeSales Arts Angels is an endowment fund to support the activities of the Division of Performing Arts at DeSales University. Since its inception, the theatre program at DeSales University has brought joy to the hundreds of thousands who have attended the performances. Today, the theatre major at DeSales University is recognized as one of the top programs in the country. Funds are used for guest artist support for faculty of theatre, dance, and TV/film, and special equipment needs of the division.

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Thank You

Thanks to the generosity of the DeSales Arts Angels, a large number of our students are able to complete their degrees and move on to pursue their dreams as creative artists, performers, and educators. Here are the many ways the Arts Angels Fund aided our Division of Performing Arts this past year:

  • New cameras for our TV/Film Majors.
  • A brand new dance floor in the Brisson Dance Studio.
  • New lighting and sound equipment for our Design/Tech majors.
  • Two new pianos for voice students, as well as one new orchestra pit piano for our musicals.
  • A total make-over in the Schubert Theatre with brand new seating and a refurbished HVAC system.
  • We were also able to host some exciting mas­terclasses taught by some of the finest professionals in the theatre, dance, and television/film worlds. To see a full list of our guest artists both past and present, click here

We are traveling to where we have never gone before—streaming our productions online. We invite you to witness your support in action in the work of our developing artists.

House Lights Up Campaign

If you are one of the more than 70,000 patrons who visit our Labuda Center theatres (Main Stage and Schubert), we ask you to leave your mark by supporting the theatre seat restoration project.

Seats in both theatres are part of this project and we ask you to “play a starring role” in getting it to completion. Make your gift of $1,000 (payable over 1-5 years) by clicking the button below.

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