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Meet the Staff

Our work is infused with DeSales' mission, values, and Christian humanist philosophy; we conduct ourselves with humility and honor everyone we encounter with respect and dignity.

CERT is divided into two specialized teams:

  • Classroom Support specializes in supporting the technology in the classroom and works with instructors to ensure they fully understand how the technology works. 
  • Instructional Design and Technology specializes in pedagogical theories, and everything related to Blackboard and the various tools within.

The CERT Staff, from A-Z

Justin Bronstein
Instructional Applications Specialist
111 Brisson Hall
610.282.1100 , 1517

Matthew Burrows
Instructional Technology Specialist
Brisson 103
610-282-1100 , 2337

Tom Cobb
Instructional Designer
238 Gambet
610.282.1100 , 1567

Jim Holton
Director of Instructional Design and Technology
107 Brisson
610.282.1100 , 2819

Theodore Schmittel III
Instructional Technologist
103 Brisson
610.282.1100 , 1203

Jennifer Walz
Instructional Designer
105 Brisson Hall
610.282.1100 , 1867