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Deferment & Reimbursement

Tuition Deferment

Tuition deferment is available to Adult Studies students who have been approved to do a payment plan over the period of their courses and for those students who will be using financial aid to pay for all or some of their educational expenses. If you are approved for a payment plan, your tuition is automatically deferred for the timeframe of your payment plan/course(s).

Tuition deferment is available for students who have applied for financial aid. To be eligible for deferment of your expenses, you will need to have filed all the necessary paperwork with the Office of Financial Aid. If you have been selected for verification, you will again need to make sure that you have complied with all the paperwork requirements. Please note that if your financial aid information is incomplete, you are responsible for payment of the outstanding balance.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition deferment for employer reimbursement is available to Adult and Graduate students who have provided the Bursar's Office with a copy of their employer's reimbursement policy. You will only be eligible for once we have received your employer's policy. Upon completion of a session, you will have 8 weeks to make payment for the deferred tuition expenses. Please note that even though you are using employer reimbursement, you are still responsible for payment of the deferred amount by the end of the 8 week grace period.

Tuition deferment for employer reimbursement is a privilege given to Adult Studies students at DeSales and can be revoked if this privilege is abused. Please note that you, as the student, are responsible for payment of your tuition balance in the event that your employer reimbursement is not received by the Bursar's Office within the stated time period.

Tuition deferment will not be offered to an individual who had been previously sent to a collection agency for nonpayment of their tuition expenses. Such students are required to pre-pay for their classes for one year. Upon the completion of the year, the situation and student account will be reviewed for potential reinstatement of deferment eligibility.