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Federal & State Aid

Federal and State Aid Programs

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

    Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) are for both full- and part-time undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional financial need and have already been deemed eligible for a Pell grant. Like other grants, FSEOG does not need to be repaid.

    Learn more about the FSEOG

  • Federal Work-Study

    Federal Work-Study is an employment program for students with demonstrated financial need. The wages earned from a Federal Work Study job will be paid directly to the student on a bi-monthly payroll schedule. A variety of part-time jobs are available both on- and off-campus. 

    Students who are not eligible for Federal Work Study have the option to apply for Institutional Employment.

  • Military Benefits

    Students who have served or are currently serving our country through military service can take advantage of education benefits available through Veterans Affairs. 

    See our Military Benefits section for more information

  • Pell Grants

    Pell Grants are awarded on the basis of financial need and provide the foundation for many undergraduate students' financial aid packages. Like all grants, the Pell grant does not need to be repaid. These grants are awarded to undergraduate students, both full- and part-time, who have not previously earned a bachelor's or professional degree.

    Learn more about Pell Grants

  • ROTC Scholarships

    ROTC Scholarships allow undergraduate students to participate in the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) in conjunction with Lehigh University. These awards generally include full or partial tuition/fee scholarships, book expenses, and a monthly stipend. Students receiving these scholarships must serve as officers in the United States Army after graduation.

  • Pennsylvania's State Grant Programs

    Pennsylvania State Grants are awarded on the basis of financial need. Students must meet certain residency requirements to be eligible to receive this grant.

    NOTE: For Pennsylvania's State Grant Program, a student's FAFSA must be completed by May 1.

    PA Fostering Independence Tuition Waiver (FosterEd) Program mandates tuition waivers to eligible students in the foster care system.  Students must be eligible for services under Pennsylvania’s John H. Chafee Foster Care Program for Successful Transition to Adulthood (Chaffee) to qualify. For questions about this program, please contact:

    Joyce Farmer
    Director of Financial Aid
    610-282-1100, Ext 1208

  • Other Grants

    For more information about how to apply for other grants, please visit the Federal Student Aid website

Office of Financial Aid - Here to Help

We'll guide you to make the best choices to fund your education at DeSales University. We can help make your college expenses affordable through a combination of grants, loans, student employment, and scholarship resources. 

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