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Office of Student Conduct

The University expects its students to conduct their lives in a responsible manner. Students who exhibit behavior which is inconsistent with the stated mission and goals of the University and the regulations which flow from them are subject to formal
 disciplinary procedures.

As a member of DeSales University, I will conduct myself in a respectful manner with dignity and honesty in the Salesian tradition of humility and gentleness.

DeSales University Character Code

Guidelines for the Office of Student Conduct

  1. DeSales University does not interfere with the resolution of issues being adjudicated by the civil authorities.
  2. DeSales University reserves the right to invoke its own disciplinary procedures in addition to those of the civil authorities.

  3. DeSales University reserves the right to dismiss from school students living off-campus who disregard the laws or ordinances of local municipalities or who act in ways that contradict the Christian humanist mission of the University.

  4. In cases involving student misconduct off-campus, DeSales University reserves the right to exercise its discretion in taking disciplinary action. If found responsible, students are subject to the same sanction(s) imposed for on-campus violations.

Serious offenses that may result in a possible suspension from the residence halls and/or the University:

  • Arson/possession of firearms
  • Lewd or indecent behavior including violation of the University policy on interpersonal relationships
  • Overnight visitation
  • Sale or possession of drugs
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Tampering with fire safety equipment
  • Tampering with residence hall security measures
  • Vandalism
  • Violence/assault

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Office of Student Conduct
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