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Online Summer Classes

Enjoy your summer and still get ahead or catch up on your studies! Our fast and flexible online college courses are open to everyone.

Each summer, DeSales offers a variety of online courses that are open to both our DeSales students and to anyone interested in taking undergraduate classes. 

Online Summer Classes
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I personally recommend anybody to take
this program. It's in six weeks, you get

it done quick. You can work, you can take
care of your family and you can go on

any trip that you have planned. The summer minimester - you can take it totally

online. It's the same as if you're taking
a full regular semester, except with six

weeks and the convenience of it. You can
take it at your home or anywhere that

you have a Wi-Fi connection. Not only is
this a great program for active students

but also for traditional students that
want to study abroad or they want to

take internships. The reason I like
taking these shorter classes is because

I have an eight-year-old son, and on top of
that I have a full-time job, so it's

convenient that I could get it over with
and I could enjoy the rest of my summer.
interview and images of students studying in a variety of environments.
DeSales Online Courses

It’s easy to get started.

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Note: If you are already a DeSales student, please register through WebAdvisor in MyDSU

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