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Salesian Library

The Salesian Center for Faith & Culture maintains a collection virtually and on-site at our location. The collection is made possible through the Carl & Peggy Frensky endowment. This endowment includes books, journals, and audio-visual materials.

Salesian Center Publications

Salesian Center On-site Collection

  • Books

    The Salesian Center library of books is named for the generous endowment established by Carl & Peggy Frensky. It focuses on publications related to our programs and activities, including the following collections:

    • on Bioethics
    • on Catholic Higher Education
    • on Culture
    • on Ethics in the Workplace
    • on Pope John Paul II
    • on Salesian spirituality
    • on Sport & Character

     One special collection -- established through the generosity of the Barbieri family -- features works on Marriage & Family.

  • Journals

    The Salesian Center's library includes a few continuing subscriptions to academic journals related to our areas of concern.  These include:

    • Cultures and Faith
      Publisher: Pontifical Council for Culture
      Issues dating back to 1993 

    • Current Issues in Catholic Higher Education
      Publisher: Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities
      Issues dating back to Summer 1995
    • First Things: The Journal of Religion and Public Life
      Publisher: Institute on Religion and Public Life
      Issues dating back to January 2004

    • The Hedgehog Review: Critical Reflections on Contemporary Culture
      Publisher: Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia 
      Issues dating back to 2000                                                                                   
    • The Journal of Catholic Social Thought
      Publisher: Office for Mission Effectiveness at Villanova University  
      Issues dating back to Winter 2004

    • Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture
      Publisher: Center for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas, MN
      Issues dating back to Fall 1999
    • The New Atlantis:  A Journal of Technology and Society
      Publisher: Ethics and Public Policy Center 
      Issues dating back to Spring 2003
  • Videos

    Visit the Salesian Center's YouTube section.

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