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One-Credit MBA Courses

Topics include negotiation, data analysis, management, leadership, change management, and more.

Why take a 1-credit course?

Focused and timely topics. One-credit courses are laser focused on a particular subject matter which allows student to devote total attention on that particular subject.

Accelerated and Flexible.  Classes can be a combination of live instruction, online, or Flex - which combines the best of both.  Most are scheduled over a few weekends.

Affordable.  1/3 the cost of a 3-credit course! Don’t have enough remaining in your annual tuition assistance plan to cover the cost of a full 3 credit course? A 1-credit course may be good option for you.

MBE 501: Negotiations — starts June 5. 

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Current students: One-credit courses will count toward a concentration course requirement. For example, to substitute for a 3-credit concentration course, you will need to complete three 1-credit courses. See your advisor for details.