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One-Credit MBA Courses

Topics include negotiation, data analysis, management, leadership, change management, and more.

Why take a 1-credit course?

Focused and timely topics. 1-credit courses are laser focused on a particular subject matter which will support your current and future job needs. These 1-credit courses will support nearly all MBA concentration areas.

Accelerated. Keep it moving—Complete a credit in a matter of 2-3 weeks! Degree seeking individuals will move towards the "finish line" at a quicker pace.

Flexible.  Classes can be a combination of live instruction, online, or Flex - which combines the best of both.  Most are scheduled over a few weekends.

Affordable.  1/3 the cost of a 3-credit course! Don’t have enough remaining in your annual tuition assistance plan to cover the cost of a full 3-credit course? A 1-credit course may be good option for you. Plus, DeSales MBA Alumni receive a 20% discount!

Our current 1-credit offerings include:

  • MBE 502 - Analysis with Microsoft Power BI — 9/14/2024 and 9/21/2024
    Discover advanced analytics to gain important insights, transform data into breakthroughs, solve business problems, and help business users monitor key performance indicators in real time.
  • MBE 508 – Understanding and Planning for Today's Economy — 10/19/2024 and 10/26/2024
    Introduces students with economic analysis and policy formulation to encourage stabilizing the economy. Students will be provided with a systematic understanding of critical aspects of some economic issues such as inflation, unemployment, fiscal and monetary policy. We will also examine how the force of globalization affects students’ personal and professional lives.
  • MBE 513 – Becoming Market Ready — 1/25/2025 and 2/1/2025
    Provide an understanding of the strategic role impacting career planning and management plays in a successful career and life. Concepts, techniques, and processes are explored, with an emphasis on linking theory and research with practical lifelong skill development. The course will focus on key elements of career progression including developing exploration strategies, organizing your job search and landing the job.
  • MBE 511 - Everyday Project Management — 3/15/2025 and 3/22/2025
    Provides the basic tools, knowledge, insights, and skills project managers need to plan, execute, and control projects including defining scope, creating plans, scheduling, balancing interrelated activities, identifying resources, executing project plans and managing risk. Exercises and activities are used to allow participants to apply the skills immediately and reinforce learning.
  • MBE 501 – Negotiations — 4/26/2025 and 5/3/2025
    This course examines how influence, power and organizational politics are related to effective negotiation and development of leadership style. Experiential exercises facilitate learned application of strategy. This course is intended for those who want to challenge themselves to explore their potential to stimulate innovation and creativity in others.
  • MBE 506- Introduction to Consulting— 5/10/2025 and 5/17/2025
    Provides an overview of the consulting profession. The primary objective of this course is to provide you with an opportunity to become familiar with the consulting business, the types of career paths, the challenges of starting and growing a consulting business and the typical phases in a consulting project. These phases include: selling a project, entering the client firm, gathering data, diagnosing issues, implementing solutions and leaving.

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Current students: 1-credit courses will count toward a concentration course requirement. For example, to substitute for a 3-credit concentration course, you will need to complete three 1-credit courses. See your advisor for details.