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Housing & Dining

DeSales’ 400+ acres of scenic residential campus located in Lehigh Valley, PA, are peaceful, beautiful, and safe. A sense of of acceptance, belonging, and community can be found everywhere…a feeling that makes campus feel like home.

Freshman Housing
Take a tour of first-year residence halls: Conmy Hall (men) and Tocik Hall (women). Rooms are paired up into suites for four — two students in each double room with a shared bathroom in between no communal bathrooms.

Student Life: COVID-19 Response FAQs

  • An important note from the Student Life Office about this FAQ list

    We remain grateful for your patience, flexibility, and understanding as we work through these challenging times.

    Many of you are asking fine questions about immediate next steps and long-term expectations. Until further notice, DeSales University will conduct classes using an online learning platform. Also, while we are trying to address your questions with our communications and website updates, we realize that some of your questions may not be addressed. 

    A new email account,, has been created for you and your families to ask all of your questions. Members of staff will receive these and direct them to the appropriate party for a response. 

  • Do I have access to the Residence Halls?

    Not at this time. Due to the recent Lehigh County stay at home order from PA Governor Wolf, assess to the residence halls will not be available until April 30.

    Although, Governor Wolf has indicated that "travel to and from educational institutions for purposes of receiving materials for distance learning, recovering meals, and any other related services" will be allowed.

    The move out process will begin on Monday, May 4 and continue through Wednesday, May 13 by scheduled appointment only to maintain careful social distancing protocols. Dates are pending any extended stay-at-home mandates by Governor Wolf.

    Please see: "When can I move out of my residence hall?" below for details. 

  • When can I move out of my residence hall?

    4/27/20 UPDATE: The move out process will now begin on Saturday, May 9 through Friday, May 15 by scheduled appointment only to maintain careful social distancing protocols. Dates are pending any extended stay-at-home mandates by Governor Wolf.

    • Each day will have 4 time slots for students to choose from:
      • 9 am - 11 am
      • 12 pm - 2 pm
      • 3 pm - 5 pm
      • 6 pm - 8 pm
    • Each time slot will have a limited number of people per residence hall to limit how many people are in each building at once and maintain safe social distancing.
    • Conmy, Tocik, Donahue, Annecy =  6 students per time slot
    • DeChantal, University Village, University Heights = 5 students per time slot
    • Aviat Hall: 4 students/time slotChappuis Hall = 3 students per time slot

    Over the ten-day period, we will have ample opportunities for all students to sign up for and empty their rooms.

    We need to limit the number of people in a small space. We ask that you

    • do not sign up for the same time slot as your roommate
    • do not bring more than two people to assist with moving out

    Each student is required to go to the Sign up Genius link below to choose a time slot by Thursday, April 30.

    sign up for your date and time slot

    We will send out a follow-up email in a couple weeks with more details about what you will need to do the day you arrive to move out.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Jen Bunting at


  • Will the Bookstore be open during move out? How do I Return my Rental Books?

    Because campus is closed, the Bookstore will not be open during move out. Student who rented books should have received an email explaining how to return their rentals.

    To return your rental books:   

    1. Go to and click "Sign in".*
    2. Once signed into your account, click on "Rentals" to view all of your rented out titles.
    3. Click "Return All Rentals by Mail", then select the books you wish to check-in.
    4. Print your free return label, and ship your books back to the bookstore!

    Be sure to print and include the packing slip along with your books!

    The free label will not be available after the due date of May 9, but as long as we receive the shipment by May 20, students will not be charged for non-returnable fees. 

  • Will Summer Housing be Available Due to Educational Commitments Being Extended into the Summer Months (i.e. Clinicals, Internships)?

    The Office of Residence Life and Housing is currently asking students to complete an online summer housing request form at by Friday, April 24.

    All requests for summer housing will be reviewed to determine the logistics and feasibility.  We are hopeful that we can accommodate any requests, but cannot make a guarantee at this point.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jen Bunting at

  • I am on campus. Will I have access to food?

    Operations Update: All Dining Locations Are CLOSED Until Further Notice. Please see the DeSales Dining Website for more info.

  • If I am not allowed to reside on campus, will I get a refund?

    UPDATE: April 16, 2020
    Due to the closing of our residence halls after Spring Break the University has now credited applicable student accounts for 50% of room and board charges for Spring 2020, reflecting the number of weeks during the spring term that you were not able to use your room or board plans.

    If these refunds result in a credit balance you may carry forward this credit balance to fall 2020 or choose to have it refunded to you. 

    Should you elect to receive a refund check, please send an e-mail request to and we will process the check as soon as practical given the Governor's current business operations restrictions. 

    Please also note that if you are a graduating senior we will automatically process a check for any credit balance refund to you by mid-May so you do not need to e-mail us to receive this payment.

    Previous Update:

    Due to your necessary absence from the residence halls prompted by the aforementioned mitigation efforts, the University will credit applicable student accounts for 50% of room and board charges for spring 2020, reflecting the number of weeks that you were not able to use your room or board plans.

    These refunds may result in a credit balance to your account that could be carried forward to fall 2020 or refunded directly to you, depending on your preference.

    You will receive an e-mail with further instructions when this credit has been processed and posted to your account, which is anticipated to occur by April 15.

  • What will happen with my student mail and packages?

    Students should have packages and mail sent to their place of residence during the period in which our residence halls are closed.  Please do not send packages and mail to your campus address.  More information about mail will be posted on the website next week.

  • When is the Mailroom open?

    Effective immediately through Monday, April 6, 2020 (pending further updates) the mailroom will be closed on campus.

    However, the mailroom will continue to receive mail from the Center Valley, PA post office. 

    Margaret Huber, mailroom supervisor, will notify Mike Sweetana, director of finance, on the volume of mail received for the Treasurer's, Institutional Advancement and Enrollment Management Offices. Arrangements will be made for delivery of mail for the aforementioned areas to a contact person for each office. 

  • Will this FAQ be updated as things change?

    Further information about campus resources will be updated on this site.

    Please remember that our campus resources are available to you. We will continue to update these FAQs on COVID-19 as this situation continues to evolve.

    We will communicate as necessary, via website, email and social media, as we move forward.


Our residence halls are modern and spacious and offer so much more than the old style dorm rooms. All first-year residential students live in suites of four: two students in each double room with a shared bathroom in the middle. Incoming first-year students are required to either reside on campus or commute from home.

When it comes to dining options, DeSales is truly world class. The DUC—DeSales University Center—is our gorgeous dining hall facility offering all kinds of delicious fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…and plenty of snacks to keep you going in-between meals. There are also three other dining spots on campus that bring convenience and variety to the table.

Freshman Housing at DeSales
Where You'll Live
DeSales has three main freshman residence halls — Conmy, Tocik, and Aviat Halls.
Dining at the DUC
Where You'll Eat
With one main dining hall and other dining options around campus, you'll never go hungry.
DeSales Fall Orientation
What You'll Do
Saying that there is a lot going on at DeSales would be an understatement.
DeSales Parking Lot Aviat Hall

Parking on Campus

There's plenty of parking available on our 400+ acre campus. So, unlike many schools, our freshman can bring their cars to campus! Lots can be found on the campus map.  

Parking Registration & Regulations

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