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Division of Performing Arts

The Division of Performing Arts was founded on the belief that the role of the artist is to give beauty back to the world.

We have always believed that the beauty of music, dance, theatre, and film hold the power to sooth the wounds of an increasingly abrasive society.  Therefore, we believe it is our mission to shape pathways of discovery for our students, helping them see that creativity holds the power to illuminate truth and elevate the human spirit.

Whether on film, on stage, or in the classroom, our rigorous training programs, taught by seasoned, professional teaching artists, help students become tellers of enchanting and provocative stories, which, with the mere rise of a curtain, unlock the limitlessness of the imagination.

We are committed to the Bachelor of Arts degree which provides the flexibility that allows our student artists to pursue a minor or even a dual major.  The B.A. also allows our students to spend a semester abroad and participate in internship/experiential learning opportunities. 

Our division fosters very healthy relationships between the disciplines.  Actors act in filmmakers’ films.  Filmmakers and dancers collaborate on dance on camera creations.  Actors learn acting techniques specific to the camera, etc.

The division's network of visiting guest professionals and artists enrich the experience of students through residencies and master classes.

These are just a few of the reasons why the DeSales performing arts programs have such outstanding reputations.   We cherish the performing arts and all they do to lift the human spirit, better our world, and positively impact peoples’ lives.

Laura Benanti 1920_615x400
I had the great honor of working with some of the DeSales University students recently and was blown away by their talent, technique and sense of community.... Anyone attending DeSales is lucky to do so.
Laura Benanti Tony Award-Winning Performer
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Arts in Action

Act 1 Productions

Act 1 is DeSales University’s highly-acclaimed performing arts company and features professional-caliber productions in Dance, Theatre and TV/Film.

Each year we welcome another group of eager young actors, designers, dancers, and filmmakers all drawn to DeSales to hone their craft and create art that will inspire and entertain. We offer enchanting and provocative stories that will — with the mere rise of a curtain — unlock the limitlessness of your imagination. 

Act 1 Productions
theatre production

Performing Arts Scholarships and Auditions

As a candidate for the DeSales Dance, Theatre, or TV/Film majors, you must apply and be accepted academically and artistically. To be accepted artistically into one of the performing arts majors, you must audition and interview with our faculty.
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Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

A leading Shakespeare festival with an emerging national reputation for excellence, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival (PSF) is a professional theatre company on the campus of DeSales University.

Each summer, PSF produces a season of Shakespeare and other classics, musical theatre, and children’s theatre. 

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PA Shakespeare Festival at DeSales

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Division of Performing Arts
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