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Leadership Opportunities

You’ll find that a DeSales education isn’t just about finding success in the classroom. A DeSales education gives you the skills and experience you need to step out into the world and become a leader.

Leadership at DeSales

With plenty of opportunities to explore and develop your skillsets around motivation, conflict resolution, commitment, communication, focus, time management self-efficacy, respect, responsibility, team-building, and more you’ll build a strong foundation for leadership roles in the future. You’ll also have lots of chances to use your budding talents to help others as a mentor, tutor, or advisor. Or, you can represent DeSales at admissions or alumni events, or help run a campus club or organization.

Co-Curricular Transcripts

The DeSales Experience

The DeSales Experience is a co-curricular program that combines several University programs, career services and academic classes to link character formation, service, and leadership with your academic pursuits. When you complete the DeSales Experience, you will be recognized at an annual end-of-year ceremony and it will be listed on your co-curricular transcript.

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