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Course Schedules

See what classes are being offered for this entire academic year.

  • Session 6 and Summer 2021 Important Deadlines


    Session 6

    (6 week)

    Summer 2

    10 Week Summer


    July 12

    July 5

    May 24


    July 14

    July 7

    May 31

    80% Withdrawal

    July 21

    July 14

    June 7

    60% Withdrawal

    July 28

    July 21

    June 14


    July 28

    July 21

    June 14

    40% Withdrawal

    Aug 4

    July 28

    June 28

    Withdrawal deadline

    Aug 11

    Aug 4

    July 12

    End of class

    Aug 21

    Aug 14

    July 31

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Search For Classes

Wondering which classes are running during different semesters and sessions? Curious to read course descriptions for your topic of interest? Planning ahead? WebAdvisor for prospective students* will give you a look into which classes are running and when. 

Note: If you are already a DeSales student, please search for classes through WebAdvisor in MyDSU

*This link is best viewed on a desktop device. 

WebAdvisor for Prospective Students

Course Requirements & Descriptions

Classes meeting on campus for three hours over eight weeks (exceeds required 50% seat time) are supplemented with an additional 21 hours of asynchronous online instructional equivalencies (e.g., case studies, group projects, online presentations, etc.).

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