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Our Faculty

Think about the variety of accomplished performing artists you might find in a city like Los Angeles or New York. In the same way, the DeSales community of accomplished actors, directors, vocalists, dancers, film makers, writers, and others—our faculty—will help you in your academic journey into the performing arts.

Our division is welcoming and ready to help or inspire you as a DeSales performing arts student. Our faculty members have an open-door policy and are ready to guide and mentor you along your way to graduation.

Adjunct and Artistic Staff

  • Deborah Burrows, Fine Arts Instructor
  • Rebecca Callan, Costume Shop Manager
  • Lynda Chryst, Piano Instructor
  • Alyce Daubenspeck, Voice Instructor
  • Kathryn Donnelly, Dance Instructor
  • Janellen Farmer, Voice Instructor
  • Jill Fitzgerald, Dance Instructor, Conservatory of Dance Director
  • Frank Flandorffer, Guitar Instructor
  • Stephen R. Furry, Virtual Production Supervisor/Theatre Master Electrician
  • David Greenberg, Sound Designer
  • E’lise Jumes, Dance Instructor
  • Kelly Kish, Voice Instructor
  • Louis Lanza, Voice Instructor
  • Jack Lerch, Photography Instructor, TV/Film Technical Specialist
  • Lauren Curnow Madigan, Voice Instructor
  • Erin Martin, Voice Instructor
  • Mary McDermott, TV/Film Instructor
  • Tom Minucci, Technical Director and Scenic Shop Foreman
  • Rebecca Pieper, Voice Instructor

Administrative Staff

  • Victoria Kopishke, Program Administrator and Act 1 Business Manager
  • Tom McNamara, Executive Director of Communications
  • Dave Merkel, Building Custodian
  • Nicole L. Moyer, Coordinator of Social Media
  • Rebecca Righi, Director of Recruitment
  • Catherine Ritter, Associate Box Office Manager
  • Kyle Schumaker, Box Office Manager


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