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Advanced Placement Exams

Opportunities through Advanced Placement Exams, Dual Enrollment Credits, and International Baccalaureates.

High school students have many opportunities to accelerate their pace of studies and experience college early. In some cases, these opportunities may result in credits that can be applied toward DeSales University graduation requirements.

To determine if your exam scores and/or college credits are transferable, please have your official score sheet and/or transcript sent directly to DeSales University from the respective organization or postsecondary institution.

Approximately one month prior to your first day of class in the fall, we will inform you via your DeSales e-mail account about any transferable credits and will advise you regarding any needed changes to your first-semester schedule. Students are not able to receive credit for the same course more than once. More information about these processes is provided for incoming freshmen at the DSU Preview event.

Students should consult the undergraduate catalog for a more complete description of pertinent policies and procedures.

Additional Guidelines for Dual Enrollment College Credits
College courses from other institutions will be evaluated on an individual basis. Courses must be at least three-credits and, generally, should be comparable to courses offered at DeSales University. Students must also earn a minimum grade of C-. DeSales University has established agreements with several local community colleges. If you completed a dual enrollment course at one of these institutions, you may wish to view a course comparison list by clicking here.

Additional Guidelines for International Baccalaureate Exams
International Baccalaureate exam scores are evaluated on an individual basis. DeSales University only grants credit for higher level (HL) exams and generally requires a score of at least 5 on most exams.

Additional Opportunities for Credit: Students interested in the possibility of receiving either credit by examination from an academic department or credit through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) should first consult the undergraduate catalog for pertinent policies and procedures.

The Advanced Placement Credit policies are as follows: 
Students seeking advanced placement must take the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examination(s) in the subject(s) involved. Only the results of the first administration of each Examination can be considered as a basis for granting credit, i.e., students may not retake exams until they achieve a satisfactory score. In addition, all examination results to be considered for advanced placement and/or credit are to be submitted prior to the applicant's matriculation in DeSales University.



DeSales Credit

Art History4 or 5Humanities 3 (3 credits)
Art 2-D Design3, 4, or 5Free Elective (3 credits)
Biology4 or 5BI 151 (4 credits)
Calculus AB4 or 5MA 121 (3 credits)
Calculus BC3
4 or 5
MA 121 (3 credits)
MA 121, 122 (6 credits)
CH 101 (4 credits)
CH 101, 102 (8 credits)
Computer Science A5CS 211 (3 credits)
Computer Science Principles4 or 5Free Elective (3 credits)
Macroeconomics3, 4, or 5EC 209 (3 credits)
Microeconomics3, 4, or 5EC 210 (3 credits)
English Language & Composition4
EN 103 (3 credits)
EN 103, 104 (6 credits)
English Literature & Composition4
EN 103 (3 credits)
EN 103, 104 (6 credits)
Environmental Science4 or 5BI 242 (4 credits)
European History4
HI 202 (3 credits)
HI 201, 202 (6 credits)
Foreign Language3
4 or 5
201 (3 credits)
201, 202 (6 credits)
Government & Politics: America4 or 5PO 103 (3 credits)
Government & Politics: Comparative4 or 5PO 107 (3 credits)
Human Geography3, 4, or 5PO 108 (3 credits)
Music Theory3, 4, or 5FA 115 (3 credits)
Music Listening & Literature3, 4, or 5Free Elective (3 credits)
Physics (1: Algebra-Based)4 or 5Free Elective, or PH 201 with permission of the department chair for natural sciences
Physics (2: Algebra-Based)4 or 5Free Elective, or PH 202 with permission of the department chair for natural sciences
Physics (Form C: Mechanics)4 or 5Free Elective, or PH 201 with permission of the department chair for natural sciences
Physics (Form C: Electricity & Magnetism)4 or 5Free Elective, or PH 202 with permission of the department chair for natural sciences
Psychology4 or 5PS 109 (3 credits)
Statistics3, 4, or 5MA 111 (3 credits)
United States History4
HI 214 (3 credits)
HI 213, 214 (6 credits)
World History4
HI 262 (3 credits)
HI 201, 262 (6 credits)
In all other subjects, the AP exam in question is evaluated by the pertinent academic department that recommends whether advanced placement and/or credit should be awarded.

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