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Act 1 Productions

Act 1 is DeSales University’s highly-acclaimed performing arts company and features professional-caliber productions. In addition to our film festivals and choral and dance concerts, the coming theatre season includes an exciting list of plays and musicals.

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Act 1 Presents: Pippin
00:00:06,890 --> 00:00:12,690
the story of Pippin is about a young man

00:00:09,690 --> 00:00:14,670
who is trying to figure out the meaning

00:00:12,690 --> 00:00:17,540
of his life through love lust and the

00:00:14,670 --> 00:00:17,540

00:00:21,460 --> 00:00:27,020

00:00:23,350 --> 00:00:29,810
there's tons of songs great music and

00:00:27,020 --> 00:00:32,870
dancing very crazy choreography that is

00:00:29,810 --> 00:00:35,210
very easy to capture attention just with

00:00:32,870 --> 00:00:43,129
any movement there's not a dull moment

00:00:35,210 --> 00:00:44,750
in the show there's tons of energy come

00:00:43,129 --> 00:00:47,540
out to see Pippin you'll have a great

00:00:44,750 --> 00:00:50,320
time we've got tons of magic to do so

00:00:47,540 --> 00:00:50,320
join us

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We have a slate of plays and musicals featuring characters exploring their hearts and attempting to direct the trajectories of their lives. 
  • We open the season with William Inge’s Picnic which explores the complacency of middle age versus the yearnings of youth. 
  • We follow that with the frolicsome Dames at Sea, a rarely-produced and wonderful musical love story about big breaks and big dreams.
  • For Christmas, we’re offering the Pennsylvania premiere of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, a delicious holiday sequel to Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice.
  • In the spring semester, we’ll produce the haunting Chekhov masterpiece The Cherry Orchard.
  • In March, our senior theatre majors will present the delightful and timely The Princess King.
  • Our season finale will explore the search for the extraordinary in the Broadway blockbuster Pippin — another Act 1 premiere. 

We hope you’ll join us! 

Upcoming Events

Sep 25
The Glass Menagerie
The Labuda Center for the Performing Arts 8:00PM
Sep 26
The Glass Menagerie
The Labuda Center for the Performing Arts 8:00PM
Sep 27
The Glass Menagerie
The Labuda Center for the Performing Arts 8:00PM

The Labuda Center for Performing Arts

The Labuda Center for the Performing Arts is home to most Act 1 events. It is completely handicapped accessible, and features the 473 seat Main Stage Theatre and the 187 seat Schubert Theatre.

GPS Location: 2755 Station Ave., Center Valley, PA 18032

Learn more about The Labuda Center

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A unique and wonderful gift idea, gift certificates can be purchased by show, season, or by denomination.

Order online or call the box office at 610.282.3192.

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