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Act 1 Productions

Act 1 is DeSales University’s highly-acclaimed performing arts company and features professional-caliber productions. In addition to our film festivals and choral and dance concerts, the coming theatre season includes an exciting list of plays and musicals.

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Anton Chekov takes audiences on a journey to witness an aristocrat Russian family struggle to climb out of debt.


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"I just need 240 Rubles."

00:00:02 --> 00:00:03
"Here we go again."

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We are beginning our 2019 Spring Semester
Season with Anton Chekov's The Cherry Orchard.

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"Tomorrow into town where they promised to
introduce me to a general who might be able

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to arrange a loan."

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This production is about an aristocratic family
in Russia, who is incredibly in debt and struggles

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to find a way out.

00:00:22 --> 00:00:24
"stop worrying.

00:00:24 --> 00:00:27
You can all sleep soundly tonight because
there's a way out.

00:00:27 --> 00:00:29
I have a plan."

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The production on this play really puts together
a magnificent piece of work for the audience

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to really relate to.

00:00:35 --> 00:00:37
"It was exactly the same then.

00:00:37 --> 00:00:38
Nothing has changed.

00:00:38 --> 00:00:40
Oh, my orchard."

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Please be sure to come see Anton Chekov's
The Cherry Orchard as you will be in for a

00:00:44 --> 00:00:44
magnificent treat.


The aristocratic Gayev family are sociable, intelligent, caring, and hopelessly in debt. Unless they can find funding, their huge estate—including its much-loved cherry orchard—will go to auction. The entrepreneurial son of their ex-farmhand offers them a solution, but they balk at his proposal. Racked by indecision and unable to comprehend the huge social changes on the horizon, through laughter and tears, they spend one last summer on their beautiful country property conjuring memories of the past to mask their fears of the future. 
We have a slate of plays and musicals featuring characters exploring their hearts and attempting to direct the trajectories of their lives. 
  • We open the season with William Inge’s Picnic which explores the complacency of middle age versus the yearnings of youth. 
  • We follow that with the frolicsome Dames at Sea, a rarely-produced and wonderful musical love story about big breaks and big dreams.
  • For Christmas, we’re offering the Pennsylvania premiere of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, a delicious holiday sequel to Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice.
  • In the spring semester, we’ll produce the haunting Chekhov masterpiece The Cherry Orchard.
  • In March, our senior theatre majors will present the delightful and timely The Princess King.
  • Our season finale will explore the search for the extraordinary in the Broadway blockbuster Pippin — another Act 1 premiere. 

We hope you’ll join us! 

Upcoming Events

The Labuda Center for Performing Arts

The Labuda Center for the Performing Arts is home to most Act 1 events. It is completely handicapped accessible, and features the 473 seat Main Stage Theatre and the 187 seat Schubert Theatre.

GPS Location: 2755 Station Ave., Center Valley, PA 18032

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A unique and wonderful gift idea, gift certificates can be purchased by show, season, or by denomination.

Order online or call the box office at 610.282.3192.

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