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For Accepted Students

You've been accepted to DeSales—congratulations! Now what? Here are some guidelines to help bring everything full-circle.

There are so many reasons to love DeSales! Our students share some of their favorites. We can't wait for you to become a part of our big DeSales Family.
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My favorite thing about DeSales is that
the faculty and staff really care about

00:00:13,930 --> 00:00:17,710
your success. There's 40 majors to choose from and I'm so happy to sales helped me

00:00:17,710 --> 00:00:20,470
pick one that I love. There's so many
opportunities to travel, I'm actually

00:00:20,470 --> 00:00:23,320
going to be studying abroad in Europe
this semester. DeSales has so many

00:00:23,320 --> 00:00:26,080
different sports and clubs and
organizations you can get involved in.

00:00:26,080 --> 00:00:30,520
Everyone here is so welcoming. The thing
I love most about DeSales is that I

00:00:30,520 --> 00:00:34,059
have been able to grow in my Catholic
faith and that I am becoming the best

00:00:34,059 --> 00:00:37,540
version of myself. There's so many cool
things to explore around campus and

00:00:37,540 --> 00:00:41,620
honestly just feels like home. And campus
is super close to New York and Philly so

00:00:41,620 --> 00:00:44,589
you can drive to the city whenever you
want with your friends. Everyone's just

00:00:44,589 --> 00:00:47,920
super laid back and really friendly and
you can tell that the whole campus top

00:00:47,920 --> 00:00:51,339
to bottom really cares about you. The
thing I love most about to sales is that

00:00:51,339 --> 00:00:54,760
they let you get involved with a little
bit of everything even if it's not your

00:00:54,760 --> 00:00:58,449
major. Because it's my home and I love
being a Bulldog.

00:00:58,449 --> 00:01:02,050
My professors are willing to help me and I know they want me to succeed.

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I'm a pre-med student and I even had the chance to study abroad in Rome.

00:01:05,379 --> 00:01:08,920
Everybody's so nice here at DeSales that you could go an entire day without
touching a door because everybody's just

00:01:08,920 --> 00:01:12,040
holding the door for you.  My favorite
thing about DeSales is the super

00:01:12,040 --> 00:01:15,010
interactive labs and there's so many
research opportunities.

00:01:15,010 --> 00:01:16,020
Because it's a home away from home.

00:01:16,020 --> 00:01:19,000
Because they offer so many service trips and I got to go to Nicaragua.

00:01:19,000 --> 00:01:22,390
DeSales is great because you
have small classes that allow you to get to know your professors better.

00:01:22,390 --> 00:01:28,720
The thing I love most about DeSales is how beautiful our campus is and you'll
definitely have to check out the sunset.

00:01:28,720 --> 00:01:32,950
Because there's so many fun things to do
in the Lehigh Valley.

00:01:32,950 --> 00:01:35,830
I love DeSales because it gave me the opportunity to explore the world and I got to go to Spain!

00:01:35,830 --> 00:01:38,440
I love it here at DeSales.

00:01:38,440 --> 00:01:39,610
I can't wait to meet you you're gonna love being a bulldog.

00:01:39,610 --> 00:01:46,920
I love it here at DeSales University and I'm sure you're gonna love it here, too. I can't wait for you to be a part of the big DeSales Family
DeSales students tell us some of the reasons they love DeSales.

Make your Deposit

An important first step to becoming a DeSales student is making your deposit. Once we receive your deposit you begin to receive other exciting information specifically for your freshmen class of DeSales University!

May 1 is our national deadline for receiving deposits.


Make your deposit
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Ask Questions

This is still all new to you—we get it. So naturally, you're going to have questions. We're ready to answer them. You can either contact the Admissions Office or reach out to your Admissions Counselor.

Important Dates and Events

  • March: The Bulldog Bash Accepted Students Day
  • May 1: National Deposit Deadline
  • May/June: DSU Preview Spring Orientation
  • August: Fall Orientation
DeSales Bulldog Bash Accepted Students Day
The Bulldog Bash Accepted Students Day
A favorite spring tradition, Billera Hall is transformed each year into a thematic masterpiece for this unique DeSales celebration. Accepted students and their families get to know one another, our faculty and campus and even have a chance to win prizes and scholarships. Future Bulldogs get to visit a clubs and activities fair, take a tour of the residence halls, and much more.
DeSales Spring Preview
DSU Preview /Spring Orientation Day
Held specifically for deposited students and their parents, the DSU Preview is a required event for all first-time students.Your invitation will arrive via regular mail in early May. Students are introduced to various key aspects of campus life, including Character U—the First-Year Experience at DeSales University. Photos will be taken at this time for DeSales Student ID cards, so smiles are encouraged!
DeSales Fall Orientation
Fall Orientation
For three fun-filled days, new first-year DeSales undergrads experience an activities-packed schedule. Here, you'll gain essential information to get your student jump-started. A required event, incoming freshmen learn about our campus, meet faculty, and—most of all—meet new friends and have fun!

Academic Calendar

Every major undergraduate happening going on at DeSales can be found on our Academic Calendar

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