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Academic Success Center

We help good students to become even better students.

The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides both professional and peer tutoring for all traditional and non-traditional (Adult Studies) undergraduate students. Our Professional Writing Staff provide individual assistance to students in all areas of written expression. Our Learning Support Specialist and Academic Coach work individually with students who seek guidance in the areas of reading comprehension, time-management, study-skills, and test anxiety. Peer tutoring is provided in most subject areas, and takes place both individually and in small groups.

To learn more about the services that our professional staff can offer you, as a student or faculty member, please visit the ASC on MyDSU.

Students with documented physical, psychological, and/ or learning disabilities may request accommodations through the Office of Student Accessibility.

Gateway to Success

Through student engagement activities and academics, the Gateway To Success program elevates first generation students by building relationships and leadership opportunities across campus as students navigate their college experience.

Housed in the Academic Success Center, the Gateway To Success Program provides academic support and college readiness skills to students who are first generation college attendees or high financial need.

Gateway To Success staff members encourage students to develop as campus leaders and to graduate with marketable skills. Students who have outstanding leadership abilities and academic potential work in close connection with staff members to achieve personal, social, and academic goals.

To learn more about the Gateway to Success program, please visit the ASC on MyDSU.

Location & Hours of Operation

The Academic Success Center is located in Room 23 of Dooling Hall
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
Telephone: 610.282.1100, ext. 1824
FAX: 610.282.3241

Our Writing Center has moved to Trexler Library
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The Academic Success Center staff includes:

Stacey Finney
Director of Academic Success Center
24 Dooling Hall
610.282.1100 , 1851

Kimberly Kuhlman
Learning Support Specialist
27 Dooling Hall
610-282-1100 , 2247

John Lynskey
Graduate Writing Support Specialist
58 Dooling Hall, Trexler Library Writing Center
610-282-1100 , 1356

Allison McCausland
Coordinator of Tutoring
61 Dooling Hall
610-282-1100 , 2072

Melissa Reilly
Gateway to Success Coordinator
25 Dooling Hall
610-282-1100 , 1392

Greg Rogers
Assistant Director of the Writing Center
Writing Center Office, Trexler Library
610.282.1100 , 2096

Shannon Williams
Assistant Director of Advising
61 Dooling Hall
610-282-1100 , 1459

For a more detailed look at how our individual staff members can assist you, please visit the ASC page on MyDSU.

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Academic Success Center
Dooling Hall, Room 23