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Faculty Professional Activities

At DeSales University, we are proud of the excellence demonstrated by our faculty in both teaching and scholarship. As a liberal arts institution, the quality of instruction delivered to DeSales students is paramount. The faculty's academic credentials, professional experience, and pedagogical skills supported by professional activities inform and contribute to such exceptional teaching.

Please join the DeSales University community in celebrating our distinguished faculty for their professional activities.


Dr. Pranshu Gupta published a paper titled "Formalization of Mutation Operators" in the Journal of Computer Science Applications and Information Technology in 2018. She also published a teaching-paper article titled "Flipping classroom for Generation Y" in the International Journal of Innovation and Research in Education Sciences. She co-authored and contributed two articles titled "Internet of Things" and "Machine Learning" to ACCESS Science, The Science Authority, by McGraw-Hill Education. Dr. Gupta co-authored a publication titled "Integrating Cell and Molecular Biology Concepts: Comparing Learning Gains and Self-Efficacy in Corresponding Live and Virtual Undergraduate Laboratory Experiences" that was published in the Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education in collaboration with DeSales University faculty Dr. Lara Goudsouzian, Dr. Patricia Riola, and Ms. Karen Ruggles, and she presented at the STEM-UP Mentoring Network: Innovations in Teaching Symposium on the topic "Using Digital Tools outside the Classroom." She collaborated with Dr. Kathleen Ryan to apply for a PIC Math grant from Mathematical Association of America (MAA) that prepares mathematical sciences students for industrial careers by engaging them in research problems that come directly from industry. Support for this MAA program is provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF grant DMS-1722275) and the National Security Agency (NSA). Dr. Gupta, in collaboration with Intermediate Unit 20 and 21, organized a "High School Programming Contest" in November 2018 where 20 teams (80 students) participated from both intermediate units participating in the contest. She also served as a volunteer judge for this event. She also organized a STEM Summer Camp for elementary school students in summer 2018. In addition, she served as a volunteer judge for Society of Women Engineers Scholarship program in 2018 for both freshmen and upper class.

Faculty Professional activities-Tahereh Alavi Hojjat

My paper, co-author Juan Daniel Morocho Ruiz, entitled "Obesity and Socioeconomic Status Among Peruvian Women: Evidence of Panel Data Analysis was published in 21(6) issue of the Journal of Applied Business and Economics.

This paper was presented at the Pennsylvania Economics Association Conference, May 31-June 2, 2019, Kutztown University, and it was published in the Proceedings.

Dr. Natalie Cyphers edited a toolkit titled "Building a Trauma Informed System of Care" published in 2019 and authored by Becky Haas and Dr. Andrea Clements, which was supported by Building Strong Brains Tennessee.

Dr. Campos Fuentes was invited to review an article on Octavio Paz for Romance Studies, an international, peer-reviewed academic journal edited by Taylor & Francis, in April 2019.

Dr. Campos Fuentes continues to serve as co-editor of L'Érudit franco-espagnol (LEF-E), a peer-reviewed electronic journal of French and Hispanic Literatures. The twelfth issue appeared in 2018. The thirteenth issue appeared in 2019. The journal is indexed in the MLA Directory of Periodicals, the MLA International Bibliography, the EBSCO Publishing database, Latindex, and Dialnet.

Dr. Andrew M. Essig reports the following scholarly activities completed during the Fall 2018 Semester:

  • "Donald Trump's Grand Strategy and Catholic Social Teaching," presented at the 26th Annual National Meeting-Conference of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, Belmont Abbey College, Belmont, North Carolina, October 26, 2018.
  • Moderated a panel, "The Hierarchy of Basic Goods in the Natural Law," at the 26th Annual Nation Meeting-Conference of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, October, 27, 2018.
  • Reviewed three chapters for Kenneth Deutsch's An Invitation to Political Thought, Cengage Publishing: "St. Thomas Aquinas," "Thomas Hobbes," and "Edmund Burke."

Dr. Scott Mattingly and Mr. Ben Durham co-authored with Dr. Matthew Shupp, Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling and College Student Personnel at Shippensburg University, a book chapter entitled "Free Expression and Political Correctness: Contextualizing the Controversies and Finding a Way Forward." It appeared in the 2018 book, Colleges at the Crossroads: Taking Sides on Contested Issues, edited by J. Devitis and P. Sasso. The chapter explores the circumstances that have contributed to the growing inability of our culture to promote free and open dialogue between individuals from diverse cultural and ideological groups. The authors contend that colleges and universities have an obligation to lead by example in creating campus cultures that embrace our common humanity while equitably addressing the needs of diverse constituencies. Dr. Mattingly also co-authored with Dr. Shupp, an article published in the June 1, 2017, issue of the International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education, entitled: "A Qualitative Examination of Cross-Cultural Supervision: Toward a Revised Model." Over the past three years, they have presented their work at the Pennsylvania Association of Liaisons and Officers of Multicultural Affairs' annual conference (Dr. Mattingly and Dr. Shupp presented at Temple University, on July 18th, 2014), as a webinar for the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (Dr. Mattingly and Dr. Shupp presented on October 21st, 2015 ), at the American College Personnel Association's annual conference (Dr. Shupp presented in Montreal on March 7th, 2016), and at the Ireland International Conference on Education (Dr. Shupp presented in Dublin on October 25th, 2016).

Dr. Doyle Tadduni, Division Head of Nursing at DeSales, Samantha Shaak of Lehigh Valley Health Network, Dr. Joseph Napolitano of The Pool Trust, Christina Gigler of Marywood University, and Lisa Weingartner of Valley Youth House abstract "Cross-Sector Collaboration to Addressing the Health and Social Needs of At-Risk Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents" has been selected for Poster presentation during the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo in November in Philadelphia. This has been an interprofessional collaboration between all partners involved in addressing the needs of at-risk populations of the Valley Youth House in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Alexander Pocetto "The Ruah of Eloim: A Prolegomenon to a Salesian Theology of the Word" presented at the Salesian Scholars Seminar, Stella Niagara, NY, October 2018.
Dr. Ahmet Yayla was invited to join the Editorial Boards of two prominent academic journals; Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, November 2019 and Perspectives on Terrorism, April 2020

Dr. Richard Noll was appointed Honorary Visiting Professor at The University Of Shiga Prefecture in a ceremony in Hikone, Japan, in June 2018. He was only the third scholar (and the only non-Japanese one) to receive this distinction in the history of that institution. In late December 2017 he was awarded a competitive JSPS Invitational Fellowship for Research in Japan by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (the rough equivalent of the National Science Foundation in the US). In June 2018 traveled Japan for two weeks as a JSPS Fellow and delivered lectures on shamanism, the cognitive science of religion, and on the paranormal at the National Museum of Ethnology [MINPAKU] at Osaka; at the University of Shiga Prefecture in Hikone; and at the Research Institute for Islands and Sustainability at the University of the Ryukyus in Naha, Okinawa. Together with anthropologist Ippei Shimamura of The University of Shiga Prefecture he conducted collaborative anthropological fieldwork among yuta [mediums/shamans] in the Ryukyu Islands and among the yamabushi / shugenja ascetics who live atop Mount Omine in Nara Prefecture and practice a form of Esoteric Buddhism known as Shugendo. He also published an article, "Feeling and smelling psychosis: American alienism, psychiatry, prodromes and the limits of 'category work'" in History of the Human Sciences, 2018 (April), 31 (2): 22-41.

Dr. Stephen Myers's poem "Nomadic Flow" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the editors of Penn Review; it is his tenth Pushcart nomination. His poem "Ona Judge" will be published in a forthcoming issue of Callaloo: The Journal of the African Diaspora. The Southern Review will publish "Bernice," and Tar River Poetry "After the Deluge." Two prose poems will appear in Hotel Amerika. "Poem Ending with Lines from Wendell Berry," in celebration of the inauguration of Fr. Greenfield, appeared last summer in the DeSales University Magazine. Another three poems appeared in the fall edition of the online journal Leaping Clear: A Journal of Art, Literature, and Contemplation. Euphony published one of his poems in print, one in its online format. Two more poems appeared in the journal Here. In mid-October, Dr. Myers hosted the 34th annual DeSales University High School Poetry Festival and later that month read from the poems of Edgar Allan Poe in an evening devoted to Poe's work at Lehigh County Heritage Society. He and Professor Juilene Osborne-McKnight spent Fall 2018 laying the groundwork for the first DSU MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing residency, which will take place in early January, 2019. Recently he was awarded a Faculty Research Grant through the Academic Affairs Office.

Dr. Michelle Bolger published an article titled, "Predicting arrest probability across time: An exploration of competing risk perspectives" in the Journal of Criminal Justice. She was also first author on an article titled, "The contribution of maternal and paternal self-control to child and adolescent self-control: A latent class analysis of intergenerational transmission" in the Journal of Developmental and Life Course Criminology with co-authors Dr. Ryan Meldrum and Dr. J.C. Barnes. Finally, Michelle and her husband Dr. Colin Bolger published their findings from the Bethlehem Community Survey project in an article titled, "Predicting fear of crime: Results from a community survey of a small city" in the American Journal of Criminal Justice. From the Bethlehem data, Michelle also wrote an article, "Public perceptions of crime in the Lehigh Valley," and presented the findings at the 2018 State of the Lehigh Valley annual conference at DeSales University, hosted by the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium. She will be presenting findings from her article on parental self-control and child self-control at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences's annual conference in Baltimore in March 2019.

Mr. Chuck Gloman, Associate Professor of Professional Practice of TV/Film, reports the following professional activities:

  1. Psychology Today – "Twin Research and Human Genetics" (Still Photography) -September 2018.
  2. Explore Cayman 2019 – "5 Top Cultural Activities" (Still Photography) – January 2019.
  3. Explore Cayman 2019 – "Little Cayman" (Still Photography) – January 2019.
  4. Explore Cayman 2019 – "Cayman Real Estate" (Still Photography) – January 2019.
  5. Lift-Off Network International Film Festival – "Carrying On" – Pinewood Studios, London, February 17, 2019.
  6. The Harrisburg-Hershey International Film Festival - "The Goddaughter" – Harrisburg, PA, September 2019.
  7. Lift-Off Network International Film Festival – "The Hunted" – Pinewood Studios, London, May 15, 2019.
  8. Lift-Off Network International Film Festival – "Nothing But a Dreamer" – Pinewood Studios, London, May 15, 2019.
  9. Ed Tech: Focus on Higher Education™ – "Set for Takeoff"- Summer 2019. Faculty and students using Drones.Section of article focuses on DeSales students’ use of drones.
  10. Lift-Off Network International Film Festival – "Superhero Blues" – Pinewood Studios, London, May 15, 2019.
  11. Movies at the Mill International Film Festival – "The Hunted" – Easton, PA, August 24, 2019.

Rev. Sandy Pocetto, O.S.F.S., gave a paper in October at biennial Salesian Scholars Seminar at the De Sales Resource Center on "The Ruah of Eloim: A Prolegomenon to a Salesian Theology of the Word." The paper is available on the Salesian Center website.

Dr. Natalie Cyphers co-authored an article with Dr. Andrea Clements (East Tennessee State University) titled, "Prenatal substance use: Religious women report lower use rates, but they do use less" published in the Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community (Special issue: Religion and Health in Community).

Some of Ann Michael's published writings include:


"Buddhist Votive Stele"

"Ice Breaker"

"Another's Story"


"Wet Summers"

"12˚ F"

Dr. Natalie Cyphers and Dr. Andrea Clements' article, "Assessing Religious Commitment and Satisfaction: The Religious Surrender and Attendance Satisfaction Scale", from the Oct/Dec of the Journal of Christian Nursing (JCN) was featured as the topic of the JCN online journal club for continuing education on January 17, 2019. Dr. Cyphers attended the online journal club as a discussant for the research.

Dr. Ahmet Yayla was invited to speak at the International Forum on Prevention of Violent Extremism and the Role of Media through the "Contributing to stability and peace in Central Asia" project financed by the European Union and implemented by Internews in partnership with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on December 6-8, 2018. He presented two Skype seminars to Central Asian law enforcement, intelligence and counterterrorism agency members and scholars entitled "ISIS Foreign fighters vs. local recruits: the role of social media" and "Prevention of terrorism and recruitment in the long run."

Dr. Joshua Slee published a manuscript titled: "Making it Stick: A CURE Designed to Introduce Students to the Scientific Process and the Host Response to Foreign Materials" in the Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education. Prior to publication, Dr. Slee presented this project as an oral talk at the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting in Tampa, FL. Two of his research students, Graziella Greco and Rebecca Cervantes also gave oral talks at the same conference. Graziella also presented her talk at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences at Cedar Crest College. He was also a contributor to the CoAction Learning Lab Framework for stakeholder inclusion in the technology planning process published by Penn State University. Dr. Slee was also awarded a travel grant from the American Society of Cell Biology to attend their annual meeting in Washington D.C. Two of Dr. Slee's research students, Sapanna Chantarawong and Emily Jacobson were awarded a competitive Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences research grant to investigate the anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin and piperine in an in vitro model of biomaterial rejection. In addition, Dr. Slee co-presented two poster presentations at the Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences Annual meeting and three poster presentations at the Lehigh Valley Molecular and Cell Biology Society annual meeting at Muhlenberg College.   

Marco Stango "Understanding Hylomorphic Dualism."  Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association vol. 91, 145-158. (Fall 2019)

Dr. Aidin Amirshokoohi published one article and a book chapter. The first publication, an article co-authored with Bro. Daniel Wisniewski, O.S.F.S., titled "Constructing Understanding in Mathematics Methods Course," was published in May 2018 in the journal of Teaching Children Mathematics, 24(7) 443-451. In July 2018, he co-authored a book chapter with Dr. Mahsa Kazempour, Associate Professor of Science Education at PSU, titled "Evolution Education in Iran: Shattering Myths about Teaching Evolution in an Islamic State," as part of a book, Evolution Education around the World, edited by Deniz & Borgerding. Dr. Amirshokoohi also presented a paper, "Preparing Elementary Teachers to Construct Mathematical Understanding," at the 2018 annual conference for School Science & Mathematics Association, in Little Rock, Arkansas, and co-presented a paper with Dr. Boyce Jubilan, titled "Filipino Preservice Teachers' Level of Environmental Literacy and Views toward STS and STS-based Instruction" at the 2018 Annual Conference of the Association for Science Teacher Education in Baltimore, MD. Dr. Amirshokoohi reviews manuscripts for the Common Ground Research Networks, World Journal of Educational Research, and the European Journal of Physics Education and serves as a member of the editorial boards.

Dr. Campos Fuentes chaired the panel “Intimacy in Latin American Writing: Affections and Love” and presented a paper titled “Eros paciano y legado platónico en poemas breves de Octavio Paz” at the 50th Anniversary Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA), in Washington, DC, in March 2019.
Amy K. S. Scott and Bradley C. Barnhorst  Managerial Finance, an introductory textbook in finance, has been published by FlatWorld

Mr. Chuck Gloman reports the following films have been selected in screen at The 2018 In-Short International Film Festival in Lagos, Nigeria, December 20 - 22, 2018: "Bride of the Goddaughter", "One Head's Better Than Two", "The Tree Salesman", "The Goddaughter", "In All Fairness", "So Little Time", and "Travelers." The International Film and Broadcast Academy, in partnership with Goethe-Institute Nigeria is organizing IN-SHORT 2018, the international short film festival with a difference! The festival is targeted at film makers, student film makers and tele-movies of up to 30 minutes length. The theme of the festival is GOOD THINKING, GOOD MOVIES! Also, "In Addition, "One Head's Better Than Two" and "In All Fairness" were screened December 9, 2018 at the Lift-Off Festival at Pinewood Studios, London. In the last five years, Gloman's films were screened in 56 national and international film festivals garnering 11 awards.

Alexander Pocetto "Morality of Presence: A Biblical and Salesian Perspective" Available at the Salesian Library

Dr. Katherine Ramsland appeared as an expert commentator on The Dr. Oz Show, 20/20, the Oxygen Network, Reelz, and the Investigation Discovery Network. In 2018, she published 2 books with CRC Press and Notorious USA and a novel with Riverdale Avenue Press. Recently, she received a contract from CRC Press for a book on spree killers with former FBI profiler Mark Safarik. She wrote a chapter, "Suspect Zero," for Prime Suspect: A Ripper Anthology; "Criminal Profiling" for the Oxford Handbook of Crime Reconstruction, edited by Henry C. Lee; and "The Intellect of Sherlock Holmes" for Education Never Ends: Educators, Education, and the Sherlockian Canon, Baker Street Irregulars Professional Publications. In addition, she publishes regular columns for her blog with Psychology Today and for the Sisters in Crime quarterly newsletter. She was invited to present "Talking to Serial Killers" at the 130th anniversary of Jack the Ripper conference in London in September (as well as a talk about the conference at the DeSales Parents' Weekend), and she gave two presentations in August about behavioral evidence at the Writer's Police Academy in Green Bay, WI. She also offered "Updates on Behavioral Analysis," at the Thriller Writers Conference, and spoke to students at both Southern Lehigh and Liberty High Schools about forensic psychology. She will give a talk on spree killers and a workshop on psychological autopsies at the American Academy of Forensic Science in February.

Dr. Campos Fuentes was invited to contribute an article in a book on Octavio Paz, edited by Dr. Joung Kwon Tae, a professor in the Literary Studies Department at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. The book was sponsored by the Publications Department of the Ministry of Culture of Jalisco: “Más allá del Oriente: Erotismo paciano en ‘Duración.’ ” El Yi Ching y la creación poética. Ensayo literario y diálogo con Octavio Paz. Ed. Joung Kwon Tae. Guadalajara: La Zonámbula, 2018. 122-36. Print.

Dr. Julie Himmelberger and Dr. Austen Barnett collaborated on a research project investigating the structure and evolution of an enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of archaeal membrane lipids. The project resulted in the publication of a paper in the journal Acta Crystallographica D entitled Structural studies of geranylgeranylglyceryl phosphate synthase, a prenyltransferase found in thermophilic Euryarchaeota. The crystal structure of the geranylgeranylglyceryl phosphate synthase from Thermoplasma volcanium was deposited in the Protein Data Bank  (PDB ID 6NKE). Co-authors of the paper include DeSales undergraduate students Brianna Gillott and Kayla Alderfer, and members of the Christianson Laboratory in the Chemistry Department at the University of Pennsylvania, Drs. Patrick Blank, Trey Ronnebaum, and David Christianson.

Dr. Natalie Cyphers and Dr, Andrea Clements had a presentation accepted at the Conference of Medicine and Religion (March 22-24, 2020) in Columbus, OH titled "Love others as you love yourself: Bearing the suffering of others through trauma stewardship." Due to COVID-19 this conference was canceled, and the presentation will be offered for the conference in 2021.

Dr. Katherine Ramsland started in the MFA program at DeSales and became a co-creator and co-executive producer on a series, Murder House Flip (Sony/Quibi). It launched in April to multiple positive reviews. From the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Ramsland won a grant to explore virtual reality devices for crime investigation. For this undertaking, she created a position for a grad student in the MCJ Program to assist. Ramsland published Spree Killers: Practical Classifications for Law Enforcement and Criminology with former FBI profiler Mark Safarik (CRC Press) and How to Catch a Killer (Stirling). She recorded an audition lecture, "Extreme Offenders," for The Teaching Company and was invited to write and record a series of 12 more. Psychology Today invited her to write a feature article, "Female Psychopaths," for the magazine, and her article, "The Intellect of Sherlock Holmes," was published in Education Never Ends: Educators, Education, and the Sherlockian Canon (Baker Street Irregulars Professional Publications). She also co-wrote "Cognitive Miscues Call For Investigative Precautions" with Sarah Starling for the Journal of Forensic Science Education. In addition, Ramsland publishes regular columns for her blog with Psychology Today and for the Sisters in Crime quarterly newsletter. Her short story, "The Case of the Staring Man," was published in After Midnight (Level Best Books), and her short story, "Missing Parts" was accepted for the anthology, People are Strange (Level Best Books). She presented "Suicidology," "Spree Killers" and "Murder Tourism" for the Florida Medicolegal Investigation Association, and "The BTK Killer" at the Wecht Institute annual conference. She taught two online writing courses for S sters in Crime, and was part of a panel, "Mark of a Killer," for the Oxygen Network.

Dr. Natalie Cyphers was a requested reviewer of abstracts and rapid submission abstracts in October/November 2019 for the Society of Behavioral Medicine 2019 Meeting and Scientific Sessions.

Dr. Susan McGorry reports the following recent professional activities:

  • Invited presenter: Assessment Processes and Macmillan Skyfactor Data to Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs, June, 2018 Annual Conference.
  • Presented Social Media Apps in the Classroom. Online Learning Consortium Proceedings.  Orlando, FL, Fall 2018.  Published in Proceedings. Under review by the Online Learning Journal.   
  • Served as a reviewer for the 43rd Atlantic Marketing Association Conference in New Orleans, LA, September, 2018.
  • Presented Snap, Insta and YouTube: Can We Learn Something from the Centennials? Sue Y. McGorry and Meghan R. McGorry. Online Learning Consortium Proceedings.  Nashville, TN. Spring 2018.
  • Served as reviewer and presented Who are the Centennials:  Marketing Implications of Social Media Use and Preferences. Sue Y. and Meghan R. McGorry.  Atlantic Marketing Association Conference Proceedings.  Williamsburg, VA. Fall 2017.
Marco Stango "Dewey, Semiotics, and Substabces." The Pluralist 14(3), 26-50. (Fall 2019)
Dr. Natalie Cyphers and colleagues (Dr. Andrea Clements, Valerie Hoot PhD-C, and Joseph Barnet, PhD student) presented "Readiness of the Southern Appalachian church to address the opioid crisis" at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine in Washington DC on March 8, 2019.
Marco Stango "Can Thomism and Pragmatism Cooperate?". International Philosophical Quarterly 59(4), 467-484. (December 2019)
Marco Stango "Wittgenstein, Peirce, and Death." Idealistic Studies 49(1), 45-63. (August 2019)

Mr. Chuck Gloman, Associate Professor of Professional Practice of TV/Film, reports the following professional activities:

  1. Lift-Off Network International Film Festival – "In All Fairness" – Pinewood Studios, London, December 9, 2018.
  2. Lift-Off Network International Film Festival – "One Head's Better than Two" – Pinewood Studios, London, December 9, 2018.
  3. The In-Short International Film Festival - "Bride of the Goddaughter" – Lagos, Nigeria, December 20 – 22, 2018.
  4. The In-Short International Film Festival - "One Head's Better than Two" – Lagos, Nigeria, December 20 – 22, 2018.
  5. The In-Short International Film Festival - "The Tree Salesman" – Lagos, Nigeria, December 20 – 22, 2018.
  6. The In-Short International Film Festival - "The Goddaughter" – Lagos, Nigeria, December 20 – 22, 2018.
  7. The In-Short International Film Festival - "In All Fairness" – Lagos, Nigeria, December 20 – 22, 2018.
  8. The In-Short International Film Festival - "So Little Time" – Lagos, Nigeria, December 20 – 22, 2018.
  9. The In-Short International Film Festival - "Travelers" – Lagos, Nigeria, December 20 – 22, 2018.
  10. Twin Research and Human Genetics: International Society for Twin Studies (Volume 21 Number 6) – "Twins Working Together: Collaboration or Contest" (Still Photography) – December 2018.
Marco Stango "Death as Material Kenosis: A Thomistic Proposal." The Heythrop Journal, 1-20. (October 2019)

Dr. Renee Koval's article "Cultural Change: Implementation of a Recovery Program in a Veterans Health Administration Medical Center Inpatient Unit" was published in Journal of American Psychiatric Nurses Association in 2018. This work dovetailed off of her previous article "Implementation of Recovery Programming on an Inpatient Acute Psychiatric Unit and Its Impact on Readmission" published in Journal of Addictions Nursing in 2016 and was part of her DNP scholarly project. Both articles reflect her work with the Veteran population on an inpatient mental health unit in Charleston, SC.

Some of Ann Michael's published writings include:

In a Hammock” appeared in Juniper: A Poetry Journal, February 2020

Ms. Michael’s chapbook of 24 poems, Barefoot Girls, was published by Prolific Press in March 2020.

Her poems “Suppression” and "Saturday’s News” appeared online in Poemeleon, Spring 2020 

Schuylkill Valley Journal of the Arts published her poem “The Swimmer” in its print volume Spring 2020 issue.

Gratitude” published in March 2019 in Barren Magazine, Issue 13 Poetry

Her poem “Tekton” appeared in The Ekphrastic Review’s site: November 2019

Her poem “The Journalist” appeared in print in the December 2019 issue of Philadelphia Stories

Dr. Natalie Cyphers and Dr. Andrea Clements presented "Trauma stewardship for pediatric nurses" at the Nursing Children Network 16th Annual Regional Pediatric Conference, Willmington, DE on October 18, 2019.

Dr. Angelica Silva was a presenter, coordinator of the symposium and panel moderator. She presented: "Imaginería religiosa en la cultura popular de la frontera." Simposio de estudios aplicados a las artes "Ética y estética del espacio biográfico." Facultad de Bellas Artes Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Campus San Juan del Río. Querétaro, México, Noviembre 21-22, 2018. Dr. Silva will also lead a program in Argentina and Uruguay for her Spanish 201 Intermediate Spanish & Spanish 318 Culture and Civilization of Spanish-America with an International Travel Component this Winter break 2019.

Dr. Natalie Cyphers, Dr. Carol Mest, and Dr. Mary Elizabeth Doyle-Tadduni published the
findings from their grant funded study titled "The effect of psychoacoustic learning on cardiac auscultation proficiency in nurse practitioner students" in the Nursing Education journal (2018), currently electronically published ahead of print. A video abstract has been requested prior to the print publication of the article in March 2019.
Dr. Fran Mayville and three of his undergraduate students published a paper in the Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research in the summer of 2020. The Three undergraduates are; Francis Krug, Brianne LoVine, and Samantha Mullin. The paper is titled "Liquid-liquid extraction and analysis of the antioxidant resveratrol from wine varietals of different geographic vineyards." The paper will be published in the journal this fall 2020.
Alexander Pocetto "The Salesian Approach to Why I Remain a Catholic," presented to about 600 members of the Live Jesus Group in March 2019.

Dr. Natalie Cyphers, Dr. Carol Mest, and Dr. Mary Elizabeth Tadduni published the findings from their grant funded study titled "The effect of psychoacoustic learning on cardiac auscultation proficiency in nurse practitioner students" in the Nursing Education journal (2018), currently electronically published ahead of print. A video abstract has been requested prior to the print publication of the article in March 2019. Dr. Natalie Cyphers was also a requested reviewer of abstracts and rapid submission abstracts in October/November 2019 for the Society of Behavioral Medicine 2019 Meeting and Scientific Sessions.

Dr. Sue McGorry served as an invited reviewer for the Atlantic Marketing Association's 2019 conference in Savannah, Georgia. Presented "Snaps, Tweets, and DMs: On a Streak in the Classroom," at the annual OLC Innovate Conference in Florida, in November, 2019. The article is under review for publication in the Journal of Online Learning. Marketing students' collaboration with Girls on the Run Lehigh Valley was awarded the Rev. James Finnegan Community Service for Organization Service Award for the 2019-20 academic year. Students conduct research for the GOTR annual event and program, as well as plan and implement the 5k which has been held on the DSU campus for the last three years. The research the students conduct has resulted in over $50,000 in funding from the United Way Lehigh Valley. Completed Middle State's Commission on Higher Education certification program to serve as a peer reviewer for the accreditation process. Peer Evaluators conduct on-site visits and/or review written reports and evidence submitted by institutions undergoing different types of accreditation reviews. Peer evaluators also participate in making accreditation and preaccreditation (Candidacy) decisions.

Dr. Natalie Cyphers was a requested reviewer of abstracts for the Society of Behavioral Medicine 2020 Meeting and Scientific Session in October 2019.

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