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Part-Time Curriculum

Beyond the required prerequisite foundation courses, the basic DeSales MBA program structure consists of four “building blocks.”

1. Core Courses

All MBA students must complete all core courses.

Distinguishing characteristics of the DeSales MBA program are an emphasis on executive skills development, general management orientation, integration of skills and values, and an attempt to link theory and practice. 

  • CR 501 Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • CR 503 Business and Society
  • CR 504 Marketing Management
  • CR 505 Organization Management
  • CR 506 Financial Management
  • CR 507 Executive Skills Development
  • CR 508 Business Computing 

2. Concentration Courses

Concentrations courses allow you to focus your studies on an area of business to suit your career goals. Choose from one of our concentrations or create your own with Self-Design.

Choose your concentration

3. Electives

In addition to required courses — and in order to provide meaningful options, added breadth, greater diversity, and positive enrichment — a variety of elective courses will be scheduled as demand requires and resources permit. Any concentration course can be used as an elective.

Master of Business Electives will support nearly all MBA Concentration areas and can be used toward select concentration requirements.

Only applicable for Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing.

4. Capstone Integration Course

In this challenging and rewarding course, you'll pull everything you've learned together as you team up with your classmates to run your own company in a competitive simulation experience. 

CR 510 Policy and Strategy must be completed by all students with a minimum grade of “B.” It must also be taken as the last or second-to-last course before graduation.