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Theatre Auditions

As a DeSales Theatre candidate, you must apply and be accepted academically and artistically.

Academic acceptance into the university does not guarantee your artistic acceptance into the Theatre program.

To be accepted artistically into the Theatre Program and to be eligible for a talent scholarship, you must audition and interview with our Theatre faculty. You can register to audition any time after starting your application to DeSales.

Theatre Auditions

  • Sunday, January 21, 2024 at 10:00AM*

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Acting for Stage & Screen Candidate

We ask that you perform two contrasting memorized monologues that showcase your strengths. We ask that you please keep your audition to a total of 3 minutes and no longer. Please also bring a headshot, resume, and a letter of recommendation from a Theatre director or teacher on your audition day.

Musical Theatre Candidate

We ask that you prepare one memorized song and one memorized monologue that showcases your strengths. Please bring your legible sheet music in the appropriate key with you into the audition room. You will not be permitted to perform your song a capella. Please keep your audition to a total of 3 minutes. There will not be a dance call, but if you would like to showcase a dance solo piece, we will make time in the audition room for you. However, please inform us at check-in that you plan to showcase your dance background. Please bring a headshot, resume, and a letter of recommendation from a Theatre or Choir director or teacher when you arrive the day of your audition.

Design/Technical Candidate

We ask that you prepare to discuss your artistic and/or technical experience and background. All candidates are encouraged to bring examples of your work (i.e. photos, drawings, sound clips, etc.) Also, please bring a current picture, resume and letter of recommendation with you when you check-in.

*Events are subject to change.

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Rebecca Righi, Director of Recruitment for the Performing Arts