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Philosophy, Vision, & Values

Mission Statement

DeSales is a Catholic, Salesian university that inspires transformative learning through the liberal arts and professional studies by energizing students to be who they are and be that well.


In response to the amazing grace of God that creates us and provides us with the countless gifts of family, faith, community, talents, work, and love, we return thanks.  Our ability to give thanks to God emerges from humility and prompts us to pray and, in turn, share the bounty of our blessings with others.  Salesian gentleness grounds us in a radical equality that illustrates that we are all graced and uniquely blessed.  Our shared human dignity calls us to a rich respect for all people, as we are one human family with one Divine Parent. 

God of abundance, we thank you for all that you have given us,
especially today for (name a blessing). 
May our gratitude continue to bring us to share from our bounty
to ease the burdens of those who struggle. 
Humbled in gratitude, O God, we ask for one more gift: a grateful heart.


Photo taken at the 2019 DUCsgiving celebration. Learn more about our other Core Values below. 

How will you be grateful today?

Who We Are

  • Our Values

    • Gentleness
      Salesian gentleness challenges us daily, from how we text and email to the way we drive, vote, and relate to our friends, family, foes, and colleagues.
    • Humility
      With Salesian humility, we are grateful for the gifts given to us, crediting God for them and blessing the world with our expression of those gifts placed at the service of others.
    • Gratitude
      Our ability to give thanks to God emerges from humility and prompts us to pray and, in turn, share the bounty of our blessings with others. 
    • Hospitality
      During a time in our world when countless peoples are exiled from their homelands, rejected and forced to live on streets, precluded from quality education, or marginalized in any way, Salesian hospitality seeks to accept others by honoring their human dignity and empowering them to be who they are and be that well.
    • Wisdom
      Francis de Sales wrote: “Knowledge is the eighth sacrament.”  Francis also developed the centrality of the heart as the locus of love for the human person.  Thus, knowledge must not remain in the mind but touch the heart to be transformed into a wisdom that informs life’s choices and impels the disciple to love and serve.
  • Our Vision

    We aspire to be a learning community where innovative teaching, mentored professional practice, and ethical preparation expands the minds, the talents, and the hearts of curious students to construct new ideas and lead lives of impact.

    To accomplish this vision, we will strive for continuous improvement through a coordinated set of strategic initiatives defined by the following elements:

    • Mission-forward actions
    • Keenly focused enrollment growth
    • Online learning throughout our programs
    • A developed nexus between career and alumni development
    • Effective utilization of our campus resources
  • Our Philosophy

    DeSales University is firmly and publicly committed to the principles of Roman Catholic doctrine and morality. It also fully recognizes that the search for truth requires an atmosphere of intellectual freedom and that love demands an openness to all that is good. 

    DeSales carefully distinguishes between the free pursuit of truth - which it guarantees every member of the campus community - and its own commitment to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

    For DeSales University, Christian humanism means that every aspect of human experience is capable of enlightenment by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This Gospel brings light to each dimension of personal existence (physical, intellectual, social, moral, aesthetic, and religious) and every environmental domain (natural world, social institutions, cultural achievements, historical periods, and religious societies). 

    The encounter between the Word of God and the concrete world of the human person makes a fully meaningful existence possible. DeSales University strives to teach the student what it means to be Christian in a Salesian way, what it means to embrace one's own life, and what it means to bring this Good News to the human family.

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