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Choral Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded annually to singers who do NOT wish to pursue music as a major.

DeSales University demonstrates a strong and unique commitment to its choirs by offering three of its largest scholarships — the Catholic Liturgical Music Scholars program award covers approximately 75% of full tuition — along with many additional smaller scholarships to incoming freshmen who wish to sing in our choirs while pursuing a degree in any major other than Theater. 

If you were a member of your high school choir we strongly urge you to audition for our choral singing awards. Generally, auditions should be completed by December 1 of the year preceding the academic year in which you will be a freshman. The results of your successful audition will place you as a recipient of one of the two following types of awards:

Sheet music in the choir at DeSales University

Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunties

  • NEW! Catholic Liturgical Music Scholars Program

    This generous award of approximately $28,000 is given to three incoming freshman who exhibit significant choral singing ability.

    The award is automatically renewed for each of your four years at DeSales. This select group of 12 singers serves as the core members of all three DeSales University choirs. As a recipient of the award, you will also private weekly voice lessons. 

    In addition, all CLM Scholars automatically receive a Madison-Varley Award upon graduation from DeSales. This $2,500 cash award is given with the simple understanding that recipients will, in some way, continue to contribute to the musical life of their churches or communities.

    Note: It is NOT required that you be a Catholic to receive this award—singers of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome in our choirs. Also, note that this scholarship represents the full funds you can receive from DeSales University and would supersede any other university award you may have received.

  • DeSales Choral Scholarship Fund

    Ranging from $1000 to $4000, recipients will receive this award each year for participation in the DeSales University Choirs. 

    This program allows eligible students to receive an annual scholarship for participation in the DeSales University Choirs. Accepted or prospective students must audition during the University’s Fall Scholarship Day programs to be considered for a financial award for the coming academic year. Current students may audition at any time contingent upon the availability of awards.

If you’d like to be considered to receive a scholarship for singing in our choirs please submit the following:

Your current year in high school"