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Commencement 2020

Important Dates for Commencement 2020 include:

  • Commencement  - May 16, 2020, 11AM-1PM
  • Baccalaureate - May 15, 2020, 6:30PM
  • Senior Dinner Dance - May 15, 2020, 7:30PM
  • Senior Send Off - April 22, 2020, 8:30AM-4PM


Thank you to everybody who came out to the 2019 Commencement Ceremony. It was a great day to be a Bulldog!


2019 Commencement
00:00:23,570 --> 00:00:29,989
"Our four years here at DeSales taught us not
only how to navigate campus but also how

00:00:29,989 --> 00:00:35,440
to navigate life." My experience at DeSales has been wonderful. I'm from Jackson

00:00:35,440 --> 00:00:39,500
Mississippi. So I came from like hundreds
of miles away.

00:00:39,680 --> 00:00:49,300
My experience has been amazing. I've met some amazing people, new friends that I didn't think I was going to have here.

00:00:49,540 --> 00:00:53,780
A big part at DeSales here we do Student Life and a lot
of times we all meet different people

00:00:53,780 --> 00:00:56,900
that we don't really know. Everyone
really accepts you like a big family,

00:00:56,900 --> 00:01:03,860
a second family from home. Coming from Father Judge High School many of the Salesian priests there

00:01:03,860 --> 00:01:08,150
were telling us to look at DeSales, look at DeSales.  I almost kind of

00:01:08,150 --> 00:01:13,220
brushed them off and then I
finally did and I fell in love.

00:01:13,220 --> 00:01:18,170
"Know that no matter what direction you are
coming from, DeSales will always be

00:01:18,170 --> 00:01:20,120
home for you to come back to."

00:01:20,120 --> 00:01:23,960
Everyone you see is like family here. That's why I chose to come to DeSales.

00:01:23,960 --> 00:01:30,000
It's a home away from home and everyone's so nice. I will miss this place for a long time.

00:01:30,120 --> 00:01:36,869
"In the words of St.Paul, may your lives be an eternal yes to everything that

00:01:36,869 --> 00:01:47,240
is good, true, honorable, right, pure, and lovely.
Congratulations, Class of 2019.
“Know that in this one year that I've spent with you, I admire you. I'm proud of all of you. I wish you all the success in the world.” -- President Fr. Jim Greenfield, OSFS
00:00:00,439 --> 00:00:05,609
Congratulations, graduates. As President
who just finished one year at DeSales

00:00:05,609 --> 00:00:10,679
University, you have had much more
experience of these past few years, but I

00:00:10,679 --> 00:00:14,820
know that in this one year that I've
spent with you, I admire you. I'm proud of

00:00:14,820 --> 00:00:19,380
all of you. Wish you all the success in
the world and as we always say at DeSales

00:00:19,380 --> 00:00:28,520
"Be who you are and be that well"
and you'll change the world. Amen

Full Commencement Livestream

Guests’ Guide to Commencement

  • Lodging

    On Campus Rooms

    DeSales provides on-campus residence hall rooms at no charge for commencement weekend. Beds are extra-long twin mattresses and rooms include pillows and soap. You can bring your own linens, or we can arrange for linen service for $20 per set. Each linen packet includes two sheets, two towels, one washcloth, one pillowcase and one blanket. 

    Area Hotels

  • Guest Seating

    Tickets to the commencement ceremony are not necessary and seating will be on a first come, first served basis. Guests are also welcome to bring lawn chairs.

  • Place an Ad in the Yearbook

    What better way to honor your student than with an ad in the yearbook? Creating your ad is easy, and can be done from anywhere with our online ad builder. Here’s how to create the perfect message for your son or daughter or your squad:


  • Dinner Dance For Graduates and Guests

    Please join us Friday night before graduation for the Class of 2019 Dinner Dance. This event is for graduates and guests.

    • Friday, May 17, 
    • 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
    • DeSales University Center 
    • 7:30 p.m. Cocktails
    • 8:00 p.m. Buffet Dinner
    • $40 per person
    • Jacket and Tie Recommended
    • Dance to the music by DJ Nick Luchko
    • Please register and Pay Online by May 3, 2019

    Register now for the Class of 2019 Dinner Dance


    Questions? Call the Alumni Office at 610.282.4604

  • Commencement Speaker: Paul Meiklejohn '69

    Paul is a member of the first graduating class of Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales.  His degree was in Chemistry and he went on to obtain a Masters of Science in Inorganic Chemistry from Georgetown University and a law degree from the Washington College of Law (American University) in Washington, D.C.

    Paul is a partner at Dorsey & Whitney in Seattle, Washington where he litigates cases involving intellectual property (patent infringement, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, and trade secret misappropriation).  For almost the last two decades, Paul has taught a course in patent infringement litigation at the University of Washington Law School.

    Paul is married and has four children and six grandchildren.

Student Commencement Countdown

  • Step #1 – Pick Up Commencement Package

    Pick Up Commencement Package

    Wednesday, April 24 
    9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Hurd Room, DeSales University Center

    Stop by any time throughout the day to pick up your cap and gown*, tickets, and announcements. Graduates will receive 10 announcements; additional personalized announcements can be ordered at

    The following tables will be there to provide graduation information:

    • Alumni
    • Balfour (Class Rings)
    • Campus Store
    • Career Development
    • Senior Gift
    • Graduate Offices
    • Student Affairs
    • Senior Week
    • Registrar
    • Yearbook

    Tickets: The package includes 4 reserved seat tickets for commencement, which will only be required if commencement is held indoors due to inclement weather. If the ceremony is outside, tickets are not necessary and seating will be first-come, first-served. Guests are also welcome to bring lawn chairs, which can be placed in shaded areas.

    If commencement is held in Billera Hall because of rain, guests with tickets will be seated on the recreational courts of the gym. Guests without tickets are welcome to sit in the wood basketball courts and watch the ceremony on closed circuit television.

    EVENING PICKUP: The information tables will end at 4:00 p.m., but cap and gown and tickets can be picked up that night in the campus store until 8:00 p.m. If you are unable to pick up your package on April 24, please stop by the campus store after April 25 during normal business hours:

    • Mon. - Thurs. 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    • Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    • Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

    *Graduates don't need to be measured for caps and gowns.

  • Step #2 — Commencement Clearance

    Please be aware that to be cleared to graduate, you must satisfy all obligations to the University. The following must be completed by 12:00 p.m. on Monday, May 13, 2019:
    • Business Office 
      Second floor - Dooling Hall
      Payment of any outstanding balances.
    • Financial Aid Office
      First floor - Dooling Hall
      Where appropriate, completion of exit interview.
    • Library
      Return of all books and payment of any outstanding fines.
    • Alumni Office
      Fill out the Graduate Information Form at
  • Step #2.a – Senior Week Events

    For Senior Week event information and registration, please email the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership at

    Thank you!

  • Step #3 — Attend Baccalaureate & Commencement

    Baccalaureate: Friday, May 17, 2019
    Saturday, May 18, 2019

    See schedules on this page. You’ll be directed to one of the many parking areas that surround the campus and shuttles will be available.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Baccalaureate ceremony has been moved indoors because of inclement weather. It will be held in Billera Hall on the Wood Court. Commencement will still be held outdoors on the intramural field behind Conmy/Tocik Halls. 

    Handicapped Parking:
    The Conmy and Tocik parking lots will be used for handicapped parking at Commencement. Handicapped parking is available at Billera Hall for Baccalaureate.

    DeSales University encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about physical access provided, please email at least two weeks before the commencement to allow the University to provide reasonable accommodations.

  • Baccalaureate Dress & Seating

    Baccalaureate will be held in Billera Hall on the Wood Court. Seniors are to sit with their families and should wear full academic attire.  

    Full academic attire is required for Commencement.

    Campus Ministry will reserve seating for those students (and their families) who are involved in the Mass as lectors and Eucharistic Ministers.

  • Special Note about the 2019 Tassel Drops

    The tassel drops (attached to the tassel) with the DeSales University seal logo were unfortunately manufactured incorrectly with the misspelling of the University’s town name, Center Valley.  Due to the lead-time to produce these items, Jostens is unable to replace all of the tassel drops in time for your 2019 commencement. 

    That being said, Jostens will produce a replacement tassel drop for any Graduate who would like to have us do so and send to the University Campus store or direct to the Graduate’s address.  We will also produce a small inventory of corrected drops to be available at the bookstore.

    On behalf of Jostens I’d like to personally apologize for the incorrect tassel drops delivered and the inconvenience incurred.  We are taking steps with our plant to understand what had occurred during manufacturing and making the necessary adjustments to the tooling to ensure this does not happen again in the future.

    If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me direct. Again my apologies and thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

    Greg Flanagan,
    Jostens Account Executive

  • Policy RE Commencement Honor Cords

    It is university policy that honor cords are only for students who have been inducted into honor societies.  Cords associated with honor societies are given out at honor society inductions; therefore, students are not to purchase any separate cords.  Latin honors (summa cum laude/magna cum laude/cum laude) are not designated by any cords; however, they are noted in the Commencement program. 

Forms and Documents

Graduation Messages from Staff, Faculty, and Students

Jerry Joyce
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:04,100
Hi. This is Jerry Joyce, Executive Vice
President at the University.

00:00:04,100 --> 00:00:09,090
Congratulations to the Class of 2019.
It's hard to believe that four

00:00:09,090 --> 00:00:12,420
years have flown by so quickly.
I remember meeting many of you

00:00:12,420 --> 00:00:17,010
during the DeSales Bulldog Bash
and at the DeSales Preview. I'd like to

00:00:17,010 --> 00:00:21,510
leave you with just some words that St.
Francis de Sales taught us and that is

00:00:21,510 --> 00:00:26,519
that those who go stay and those who
stay go. Because you will take a piece of

00:00:26,519 --> 00:00:30,060
those relationships that you've made
here at DeSales in Center Valley with

00:00:30,060 --> 00:00:33,899
you and you'll leave a piece of yourself
here. So once again, congratulations to

00:00:33,899 --> 00:00:36,770
the class of 2019.
Maggie Riggins
00:00:00,179 --> 00:00:04,589
Congratulations Class of 2019. I'm Maggie
Riggins, the director of campus ministry,

00:00:04,589 --> 00:00:08,189
and the advice that I want to give to
you is to always remember that no matter

00:00:08,189 --> 00:00:11,219
where you go or what you do, you're
always going to be a part of the

00:00:11,219 --> 00:00:16,920
DeSales Family. Francis de Sales would always
say "those who stay go and those who go

00:00:16,920 --> 00:00:21,600
stay." So just always know that DeSales is
going to be your home away from home. I'm

00:00:21,600 --> 00:00:25,230
praying for you and I know you're going
to do an amazing job out there in the

00:00:25,230 --> 00:00:28,490
real world. God bless.
Natalie Cyphers
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:03,929
Hi. I'm Dr. Natalie Cyphers from the
Department of Nursing and to our

00:00:03,929 --> 00:00:09,330
graduating Class of 2019, I want to say
congratulations. We're so proud of you.

00:00:09,330 --> 00:00:13,679
We're going to be praying for you and we
wish blessings on you as you go out to

00:00:13,679 --> 00:00:17,750
change the world. All our best to you.
Patrick Ludlow '19
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:05,279
Hi. My name is Patrick Ludlow. I'm a DeSales 2019 graduate. I'm going to be

00:00:05,279 --> 00:00:10,349
getting my degree in education, secondary
education in history. So I'll be

00:00:10,349 --> 00:00:14,490
certified to teach social studies grades
7 through 12.

00:00:14,490 --> 00:00:18,750
Next year, I'm taking a job in Toledo
Ohio at st. Francis de Sales High School

00:00:18,750 --> 00:00:25,650
teaching freshman theology and sophomore
world history. My time at DeSales has been

00:00:25,650 --> 00:00:30,390
absolutely amazing.
The best thing for DeSales for me has

00:00:30,390 --> 00:00:34,320
been making those friendships, those
tight-knit relationships. This is the

00:00:34,320 --> 00:00:39,260
best place on earth. I wouldn't trade
these 4 years for anything.
Brooke Tesche M'19
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:04,470
Hi. I'm Dr. Brooke Tesche, chancellor for
Catholic education in the Diocese of

00:00:04,470 --> 00:00:10,710
Allentown and I'm a graduate of the MBA
2019 class at DeSales University.

00:00:10,710 --> 00:00:14,969
DeSales was my choice for my MBA program
primarily because it's a Catholic

00:00:14,969 --> 00:00:19,470
university. It was really important to me
to have the spiritual component woven in

00:00:19,470 --> 00:00:24,210
to my master's program. It's also
extremely convenient located

00:00:24,210 --> 00:00:29,369
centrally in the Lehigh Valley and very
flexible in the class selection that you

00:00:29,369 --> 00:00:33,809
can have. So depending on the time that
you need based on your work schedule as

00:00:33,809 --> 00:00:37,350
well as location, so having that
flexibility was extremely important to

00:00:37,350 --> 00:00:39,530
Mike Ritchie
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:05,220
Hello Class of 2019. My name is Mike
Ritchie I am the alumni director here at

00:00:05,220 --> 00:00:10,469
DeSales University, also a graduate of
the Class of 1990. I want to take a quick

00:00:10,469 --> 00:00:15,120
moment to say congratulations and best
of luck to all of you in your future.

00:00:15,120 --> 00:00:22,859
Aso please stay in touch with the
University as our newest alumni. Simply

00:00:22,859 --> 00:00:29,340
go on to the DSU website, click on the
alumni link and register as an alum. Once

00:00:29,340 --> 00:00:33,570
we have all your accurate information,
you will receive everything and anything

00:00:33,570 --> 00:00:40,020
alumni related from newsletters,
homecoming events, reunion events, and all

00:00:40,020 --> 00:00:44,280
the many events that will be running
throughout the year. Anyway, we and the

00:00:44,280 --> 00:00:49,649
Alumni Association can help you. Reach
out to us. Again, thank you and

00:00:49,649 --> 00:00:52,640
Juilene Osborne-McKnight
00:00:00,140 --> 00:00:06,120
Okay, everybody. Congratulations. You are
now on to the next chapter of the novel

00:00:06,120 --> 00:00:12,389
that is your life. Three tips - blanket the
world with your resume, use your network,

00:00:12,389 --> 00:00:17,400
and don't forget that you always have us.
We will write letters for you, we will

00:00:17,400 --> 00:00:20,730
make calls for you,
we will move the world to make sure that

00:00:20,730 --> 00:00:25,140
our students get to be where they need
to be. We all love you.

00:00:25,140 --> 00:00:29,119
We're all rooting for you. We're all
incredibly proud of you when you succeed.

00:00:29,119 --> 00:00:34,910
Good luck.
In Irish - Gonéirí an tádh leat.
Chris Cocozza
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:03,510
I want to congratulate all of the
undergraduate and graduate degree

00:00:03,510 --> 00:00:07,500
recipients. You should be very proud of
what you've accomplished over the past

00:00:07,500 --> 00:00:11,490
several years. There is one thought I'd
like to share with you. No one

00:00:11,490 --> 00:00:16,109
accomplishes anything on their own. So
after the ceremony today I'd like you to

00:00:16,109 --> 00:00:21,570
thank your parents, spouses, children, and
siblings for all the love and support

00:00:21,570 --> 00:00:26,580
they've shown you over the past several
years. Again congratulations and good

00:00:26,580 --> 00:00:29,779
luck in your future endeavors.
Tom Antenuci '19
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:04,470
Hi. I'm Tom Antenuci and I'm a 2019
DeSales nursing graduate and I have a

00:00:04,470 --> 00:00:08,220
job at Lehigh Valley Hospital Muhlenberg in their
emergency room. I'll be a registered

00:00:08,220 --> 00:00:13,290
nurse there. When I got here, I didn't
really know that many people and now, as

00:00:13,290 --> 00:00:19,850
a senior, I've met friends for life.
Just going through all the classes to now

00:00:19,850 --> 00:00:25,680
it's just the brotherhood, the camaraderie
aspect, of everyone in my class. We know

00:00:25,680 --> 00:00:29,730
each other well. We have each
other's backs at clinical and that's

00:00:29,730 --> 00:00:33,239
what I love most about it. Choosing DeSales was the right decision for me and

00:00:33,239 --> 00:00:39,180
I'm glad I did it because I've made
friends for life, as I've said, and I got

00:00:39,180 --> 00:00:45,980
a job not even out of college yet. So to
me that is success.
Kristin Eicholtz
00:00:00,439 --> 00:00:04,470
Congratulations, Class of 2019. This is
Kristin Eicholtz, your Executive

00:00:04,470 --> 00:00:08,309
Director of the Career Center and I want
to send you off with two pieces of

00:00:08,309 --> 00:00:12,179
advice that hopefully will help you
carry through the next year into your

00:00:12,179 --> 00:00:17,220
new journey. One is be patient whether
you have a job or not. If you have a job

00:00:17,220 --> 00:00:21,539
would be patient through that first year
learning the the new ropes and what it's

00:00:21,539 --> 00:00:25,140
like to transition into the college of
work and if you don't have a job or

00:00:25,140 --> 00:00:28,830
graduate school admission yet, be patient
because it will happen. Trust the process.

00:00:28,830 --> 00:00:33,780
And the second piece of advice is really
take care of your connections. Your

00:00:33,780 --> 00:00:37,140
network is one of your greatest assets
that you'll have both personally and

00:00:37,140 --> 00:00:41,790
professionally. So continue to keep the
rapport going with your friends and your

00:00:41,790 --> 00:00:45,629
faculty and staff here at DeSales and
develop new relationships when you start

00:00:45,629 --> 00:00:49,230
your new job. So best of luck to all of
you and know that your Career Center is

00:00:49,230 --> 00:00:53,000
here for you always even as alumni.
John Bell
00:00:00,210 --> 00:00:04,770
What advice do I have for graduating
seniors? Well, those of us who are actors

00:00:04,770 --> 00:00:07,980
know there are two things you need
didn't know in order to be successful in

00:00:07,980 --> 00:00:12,090
life - You got to learn your lines and you
can't be late for your cue. So, I think

00:00:12,090 --> 00:00:16,289
that applies to life in general. Be
prepared and be ready when you're called.

00:00:16,289 --> 00:00:22,760
If you do that, you'll be successful...and
who knows, you may even win an Oscar.
Angela Quaglio '19
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:04,319
Hi. I'm Angela. I'm going to be graduating
with a marketing degree from DeSales

00:00:04,319 --> 00:00:08,970
University and after graduation I'll be
working at Olympus as a fellow in the

00:00:08,970 --> 00:00:12,509
rotational development program. It's so
nice to have a job lined up and it's a

00:00:12,509 --> 00:00:16,410
place that I love. I've been interning
there for a year and it just feels like

00:00:16,410 --> 00:00:19,470
all of my hard work at DeSales has
finally paid off and now I'm able to

00:00:19,470 --> 00:00:24,630
enter the workforce with a degree and
into a program and an industry that I

00:00:24,630 --> 00:00:26,869
Rebecca Cervantes '19
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:03,659
Hi. I'm Rebecca I'm graduating from
DeSales University with the degree in

00:00:03,659 --> 00:00:07,649
biology. I did an internship at Azzur
Labs, which has led to a full-time

00:00:07,649 --> 00:00:11,730
position after graduation.
Research was one of my most fulfilling

00:00:11,730 --> 00:00:16,230
experiences at DeSales. I had the
opportunity to research with Dr. Slee as

00:00:16,230 --> 00:00:20,070
well as Dr. Barnett. I think it
definitely helped my critical thinking

00:00:20,070 --> 00:00:25,560
skills and always wondering why, not
just doing something, but always knowing

00:00:25,560 --> 00:00:29,180
the motivation behind that.
Nick Luchko
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:04,410
Hey Class of 2019. This is Nick Luchko, the
assistant dean of students for

00:00:04,410 --> 00:00:08,580
engagement leadership. We've been
through a lot the last four years. If you

00:00:08,580 --> 00:00:15,379
remember back in August in 2015, we had
your orientation theme as cereal and

00:00:15,379 --> 00:00:20,970
during those last four years I think you
guys have become champions at everything

00:00:20,970 --> 00:00:25,740
that you've done here at DeSales from
leadership, service, athletics, on the

00:00:25,740 --> 00:00:30,810
stage. Very proud of everything that you
have all done and I look forward to

00:00:30,810 --> 00:00:35,239
graduation day, seeing you walk across
that stage and in the future as alumni

00:00:35,239 --> 00:00:39,660
coming back at homecoming.
Remember Center Valley is your home. You

00:00:39,660 --> 00:00:45,649
always have a place here and go Bulldogs.
Congratulations Class of 2019.
Fran Mayville
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:04,290
Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Fran Mayville.
I'm with the science department and I

00:00:04,290 --> 00:00:08,309
just wanted to say congratulations on
your graduation and something that I

00:00:08,309 --> 00:00:13,049
would say as a piece of advice would be to
never stop learning. We've spent four

00:00:13,049 --> 00:00:18,779
years learning new things, how to do new
things, but if you stop learning then you

00:00:18,779 --> 00:00:22,250
stop growing. And so there's always
something to learn every single day.

00:00:22,250 --> 00:00:27,869
It doesn't have to be at your job. It can be
anywhere. So don't ever stop learning.

00:00:27,869 --> 00:00:32,660
visit me stop learning you stop growing
good luck
Alyssa Ramsey '19
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:04,529
Hi. My name is Alyssa Ramsey and I'm
graduating with a degree in musical

00:00:04,529 --> 00:00:08,460
theater from DeSales University.
My experience at DeSales has been a very

00:00:08,460 --> 00:00:11,580
fun one,
especially in this department. There's

00:00:11,580 --> 00:00:17,070
been tons of opportunities for myself
and others and I'm glad that the doors

00:00:17,070 --> 00:00:21,449
are opening for many other people
through diversity, just fun activities,

00:00:21,449 --> 00:00:26,010
education. The education is a great
aspect here, so I've just had a really

00:00:26,010 --> 00:00:30,150
good time here throughout the entire
four years. Following graduation I will

00:00:30,150 --> 00:00:33,719
be a part of the Pennsylvania
Shakespeare Festival as a young company

00:00:33,719 --> 00:00:39,500
member and soon after I will be moving
to New York to chase my dreams.
Zakary Mitchell '19
00:00:00,030 --> 00:00:05,009
Hey. Good afternoon. My name is Zak. I
have just graduated from DeSales University

00:00:05,009 --> 00:00:09,690
with a bachelor's degree in both human
resources and business. One of the

00:00:09,690 --> 00:00:13,980
pleasures of the university has been the
quality of their curriculum as well as

00:00:13,980 --> 00:00:18,630
the insight and the education of all the
professors that have taught the classes

00:00:18,630 --> 00:00:23,789
that I took. It was an excellent
experience. As a result of graduating

00:00:23,789 --> 00:00:27,330
from DeSales, I will be entering the
workforce as a human resource

00:00:27,330 --> 00:00:32,540
professional and I'm eternally grateful
for the DeSales University experience.

00:00:32,540 --> 00:00:37,579
Have a great day and good luck with your

"The beginning of good things is good; the progress, better; the end, best."

- St. Francis de Sales (T II 19)