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Career Success

Our life-long commitment to your career success begins on your first day as a Bulldog and extends well beyond graduation.

Your first job. The start of a lifelong career. Graduate school. A career boost or even a career change. Wherever you are in your career journey, the DeSales Career Development Center will be right by your side from day one. Special Courses. One-on-one coaching. For-credit internship and job shadow program. Interview skills and resume development. Confidence while networking and job searching. Business etiquette. At DeSales, you’ll have easy access to all the tools and resources you need to succeed.
Career Prep from Day One
From the moment you step on campus, we'll start preparing you to soar. We'll help get you ready for the "real world" and give you the tools you’ll need for success.

The DeSales Career Development Center

  • Earn college credits as you plan your career in EXP 140 Career Development and Planning. In this unique 3 credit elective course, you’ll learn about job search strategies, professional behavior, and other skills essential for success the workplace.
  • Find a mentor and make valuable connections with industry professionals. Our DSU Mentor Program and Bulldogs Coaching Bulldogs for athletes are two highlights of our multiple networking opportunities.
  • Build your résumé as you engage in learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Gain experience with internships through our Credited Internship Program or job shadows through our Externship Program.
  • Enjoy a lifetime of career support. Our career resources, programs, and one-on-one coaching is available for all current students and alums. 

Through your participation in the classroom, on-campus, and in the community you'll develop and enhance key skills sought by employers. We're passionate about helping our students and alumni explore major and career options, find experiential education opportunities, and achieve post-graduation success in an evolving global world.

Reach Your Goals
For Students
Resources for undergrad, graduate, adult, and veteran students.
DeSales Sweatshirt in Class
For Parents & Family
10 things to consider when career planning with a family member.
Jaclyn Silvestri '16, executive assistant to Rashad Jennings
For Alumni
Continuing services to help you in your career path AFTER graduation.
Information about job postings, recruitment visits, career fairs, and more.
Career Advice from DeSales University

CareerSpots: Video Career Advice

Expert advice from leading recruiters about:

  • Finding a job or internship
  • Writing a resume and cover letter
  • Dressing for interviews
  • And much more!

Available anytime, all the time!    

Explore CareerSpots

Career Resources & Support

4 Year Career Development

4 Years
Begin with the End in Mind

The best way to prepare for life after college is to start getting ready for it the day you start college.

DeSales' unique 4-year approach to career development promises to prepare you for your personal and professional success.

Start Planning Now 

Internships, Externships, and More

of Employers Want to Hire Experienced Applicants

We'll help you get that experience.

Internships and externships can play a big part in your education and in your professional success. Our Bulldog4HIRE system is where we post — and you can apply for — internships, jobs and volunteer opportunities.


Experiential Education

Personalized Guidance

One of a Kind
a Career Plan Just for You

Everyone has their own goals and dreams.

At DeSales, you’ll get the kind of
one-on-one guidance and personalized advice you need to define and find your
own kind of success.


of Jobs are Filled By Networking

But don’t let that frighten you. We can help you learn to make meaningful connections.

Who you know can be the difference internship, externship, and job placement. We offer a variety of networking opportunities throughout the year to help you make invaluable contacts with employers, alumni, and members of the community.

Networking at DeSales

Job & Graduate School Preparation

Positive Success Rate After Graduation

We'll help you prepare for your future.

Whether you’re looking to land that first job or go into grad school, your time at DeSales will more more than prepare you to walk off the graduation stage and into whatever’s next.

Resources & Support

DeSales alum Julien Guiteau '19 at Viacom

July 9, 2018 - First day at my new job at Viacom.

On January 11th, 2018, I wrote a note to myself and put it under my mattress. It read 'I will work at Viacom.' Today that goal came true. 

Speak your goals into existence and work hard. 'If You Believe, You Shall Achieve'

Phil 4:13

— Julien Guiteau '19