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Ticket Prices

Act 1 productions make for great group events. Create lasting memories with 10 or more of your family and friends while sharing an evening of outstanding theatre .

Single Ticket Prices

Single Ticket Prices

Picnic Full Sr/Stu
Mon/Thurs $21 $19
Fri/Sat/Sun $25 $23
Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley Full Sr/Stu
Mon/Thurs $29 $27
Fri/Sat/Sun $30 $28
The Cherry Orchard Full Sr/Stu
Mon/Thurs $21 $19
Fri/Sat/Sun $25 $23
Pippin Full Sr/Stu
Mon/Thurs $31 $29
Fri/Sat/Sun $32 $30

Subscription Prices & Dates

SeriesPicnicMiss Bennet: 
Christmas at Pemberley
The Cherry Orchard
Reg. Price
Sr./Stu. Price
Single Ticket Value

1st Wednesday Sept. 26Nov. 28Feb. 20Apr. 24$74$68$102
1st Thursday Sept. 27Nov. 29
Feb. 21Apr. 25$74$68$102
1st Friday Sept. 28Nov. 30
Feb. 22Apr. 26$86$80$112
1st Saturday Sept. 29
Dec. 1Feb. 23Apr. 27$86$80$112
1st Sunday Sept. 30
Dec. 2Feb. 24Apr. 28$86$80$112
Morning Matinee*Oct. 2Dec. 3Feb. 26
Apr. 29
2nd Wednesday Oct. 3Dec. 5Feb. 27
May 1
2nd Thursday Oct. 4Dec. 6Feb. 28
May 2$74$74$102
2nd Friday Oct. 5Dec. 7Mar. 1May 3$86$80$112
2nd Saturday Oct. 6Dec. 8Mar. 2May 4$86$80$112
2nd Sunday Oct. 7Dec. 9Mar. 3May 5$86$80$112

*Please note:  Morning Matinee Series also includes tickets to the Dance Ensemble Concert on March 15 at 11 a.m.

For more information or to purchase a subscription by phone, call the Act 1 Subscriptions Manager Nicole Moyer at 610.282.3654, option 1.

Subscribers Save on Additional Performances!
Please see performances for specific dates

Dames at SeaFullSr/StuFullSr/Stu
Activate: Emerging Choreographers$15$12$13$10
Screendance FestivalNo ChargeNo Charge
Gaudeamus Christmas Concert$5$3$3$3
Dance Ensemble Concert$18$15$16$13
Beauty and the Beast$12$11$11$10
Film Festival$10$8$8$6
Spring Choral Concert $5$3$3 $3