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DeSales’ students are immersed in character, forged in experience, and prepared for success.

Reach Your Goals

Thank you for your interest in partnering with the DeSales Career Development Center. We are ready to assist you in connecting with our talented students and alumni. Recruit and hire a Bulldog today!

It is important that our employers uphold the same professional standards to which we aspire, as set out by the National Associate of Colleges and Employers. If you are unfamiliar with the "Principles for Professional Practice for Employment Professionals," please review our section on Employer Expectations.

How we help you find the help YOU need

We provide opportunities for students to explore and pursue a wide variety of career options through job postings, recruitment visits, information sessions and career fairs. We also invite prospective employers to conduct interviews with students through the On-Campus Interviewing Program throughout the year and encourage employers to post jobs on Handshake.

Providing space for prospective employers on our campus and enabling employers to post jobs does not imply an endorsement of the missions or activities of any visiting or posting organization. As an academic institution, we strongly encourage students to research information and options in order to make informed employment choices.

Employer Resources from the DeSales Career Development Center

  • Attend a Recruitment Event

    DeSales hosts the following employer events during the academic year:

    • Fall | Career and Internship Fair
      Register for this event through Handshake.
    • Spring Recruitment Event
      More details to follow.

    Contact for registration information.

  • Employer and Student Expectations

    Expectations of employers

    Employing organizations (which includes Third Party Recruiters) that recruit DeSales University students have certain expectations. They are expected to follow the Principles for Ethical Professional Practice established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers

    Expectations of students
    DeSales’ students who are conducting a job search, whether for an internship or a permanent position, are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner by: 

    • Students should present themselves professional and respectfully at all times.
    • Students should attend scheduled interviews.
    • Students should not renege after accepting an employment offer.
    • Employers who believe a student has not acted in accordance with these expectations are asked to please contact Career Development.

    Employer Guidelines for Supervising Interns
    A BIG THANK YOU for taking the time and dedication to host a DeSales student as your intern.

    Important Resources/Documents:

    Getting Started
    The student intern is expected to work a minimum of 135 hours per semester for a 3-credit internship and a minimum of 270 hours per semester for a 6-credit internship.

    Internships are taken on a pass-fail basis. Internship supervisors will need to sign the student intern’s Learning Contract and complete an evaluation at the end of the internship. In addition, employers may need to correspond with or accommodate a visit from an intern’s faculty supervisor.

    The employer supervisor should provide access to appropriate work/learning experiences in safe environments. These environments should have adequate supervision and equipment needed for the completion of internship tasks.

    The internship site should carry appropriate insurance, including policies mandated by federal, state, and local law. These include, but are not limited to general liability, professional liability, and worker’s compensation insurance. It is also important that interns are informed about appropriate workplace behaviors, the organization’s harassment policy, and complaint procedures.

    For questions on whether or not to pay interns, you may seek legal advice and refer to the Fair Labor Standards Act. You can also refer to the Department of Labor. If hiring international students as interns, it will also be helpful to consult an expert on immigration.

    The Organizational Environment
    At the beginning of the internship, you might set aside time to discuss some of the following:

    • Rules: What are your organization's formal and informal work rules? Are there clear implicit goals for your organization?
    • People: Who are the key players in the larger organization? In your department? Who are the formal and informal leaders in your organization? What are their backgrounds?
    • Structure: What are the formal and informal organizational structures at your site? What are the formal and informal communication patterns?
    • Funding/Budget: Where does the funding come from to operate your organization? Share with the intern some of the operating budgets for your unit or the organization as a whole.
    • Supervision: If you are supervising others, how would you characterize your supervisory style? What are the challenges you meet as a supervisor? How has your style changed during your career?

    How to Make the Internship Go Smoothly
    Initial contact: Prior to the beginning of the internship, we recommend that the student and the internship host arrange an interview. This helps define the student's job duties and related matters of interest (e.g., start and end dates, hours expected, company rules, etc.). Please provide your student intern with a formal offer letter or email, which your student can submit to the Career Development Center upon applying for a credited internship.

    Written Learning Contract: DeSales University requires the student to write a Learning Contract with an Employer Supervisor and a Faculty Supervisor. This will allow the three individuals to reach an agreement on the structure/substance of the internship and the performance criteria. Be specific about what results you expect from the intern.

    Communication: Open dialog between you, the Faculty Supervisor and the student is critical to provide a positive experience. The student will meet with their Faculty Supervisor often during the semester. Likewise, the Faculty Supervisor should contact you for your feedback on how the internship is progressing. At the end of the semester, when you complete your intern's evaluation, be sure to discuss it with your student.

    High Expectations: The greatest benefit is to treat your student as you do your professional employees.

  • Host an Intern

    DeSales highly encourages students to learn and gain experience in their field through internships. Students can earn three or more credits through fall, spring, and summer internships. Working 9-15 hours per week, students work with a faculty mentor to help guide them during their program. As an program participant, employers are asked to provide an informal internship job description as well as complete a final evaluation.

    Benefits for Employers

    • Increased awareness of company on campus
    • Potential candidates for future full-time positions
    • New talent on your team
    • Assistance with projects and achievement of goals
    • Lower recruiting costs
    • No permanent commitment required
    • Increased possibility that students will remain in the local community after graduation
    • Assistance with projects and achievement of goals

    Benefits for Students

    • Hands-on experience
    • Networking opportunities
    • Application of classroom knowledge
    • Working with a mentor
    • Career exploration
    • Chance to identify work-related strengths and areas of interest
    • Development of professional habits
    • Improved marketability upon graduation
    • Potential to earn credit and, in some instances, money
    If your company currently offers internships or if you would like to explore the possibility of hosting an intern in the future, please contact the Career Development Center and/or post your internship on Handshake.
  • On-Campus Recruitment Initiatives

    • On-Campus Interviews
      Whether you are looking to hire full-time or for internships, we welcome the opportunity to host you on campus to conduct on-campus interviews. Plentiful parking, provided lunch, a comfortable interview room and talented candidates are all benefits of interviewing at DeSales University. Schedule your on-campus interviews today, get started by posting on Handshake
    • Information Sessions
      If you are looking to raise student awareness in order to meet your human resource needs, an information session is a great tool. Consider conducting an information session, followed by On-Campus Interviews.
    • Information Tables
      You can reach a large number of students in a limited time frame by reserving an information table in University Center during the lunch hour. This is an effective tool to promote part-time and seasonal job opportunities and is FREE!
  • Post a Job or Internship on Handshake

    Handshake is your one-stop portal to post job, internship, externship, and on-campus recruitment positions. You can also connect with students and alumni directly, sign up for our annual career fair, and explore upcoming Career Development events that you may attend and/or sponsor. Registration and posting is simple, if you follow the steps below:

    • Go to Handshake
    • Click the “sign-up” button.
    • If you are already on Handshake, be sure to connect with our school: DeSales University