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Women for DeSales


Who We Are


Women for DeSales is a philanthropic giving circle of special interest to women with a passion for higher education and a love for the DeSales University community. Launched in 2016, this group seeks to fund innovative programming and projects at DeSales University that typically exceed or do not fall under department or student organization budgets. In our last fundraising year, this group of donors collectively distributed more than $76,000 to departments, clubs, and student groups.

Comprised of outstanding women in the DeSales family (alumni, parents, family members, faculty, staff, friends, community), each member individually commits to $1,000 or more to the fund annually.


Make Your Commitment

The Joy


Women for DeSales creates an opportunity to see the effects of your philanthropy realized in direct collaboration with other women and university figures. Two meetings are held each funding year:


Winter Distribution Lunch: Early in the year, Women for DeSales hears proposals from the students, faculty, and staff requesting funds for innovative projects and unique programming. Our members directly choose which projects receive their funding, supporting causes that are meaningful to them.


Fall Impact Event: The group reconvenes later in the year to reflect upon the impact of successfully funded projects and hear stories of triumph from students and faculty. The funding recipients share their gratitude and present how they utilized the funds.


Women for DeSales began its first funding year in the 2016-2017 fiscal year with thirteen founding members. The group continues to grow each year as more individuals learn and understand the wonderful work of the group. Each of the founding members has renewed her membership. In fact, because of their experiences, many have brought new members into the group. Last year, the group consisted of 72 members of varying backgrounds with a shared passion for philanthropy.

A DeSales University Dance Class in Switzerland

Make A Difference


Women for DeSales is proud to have funded a variety of projects across many of the University’s disciplines over the years. Awards may range from $500 to $7,500.

Examples of previously funded projects:

  • 3D Printed Prosthetic Program
  • International Dance Training
  • Academic Clinical Excellence Program for Healthcare Students
  • Sport Management Book Lending Library
  • Career Development Center’s Annual Etiquette Dinner
  • Travel Grants for the Center for Service and Social Justice 
  • Performing Arts Annual Showcase
  • English Department’s Annual Poetry Festival 
  • “Stop the Bleed” Student Instructor Training & Community Outreach
  • Conference fees for students to attend the Pennsylvania Conference for Women
  • Professional Development for Graduate Assistant Coaches
  • Academic Resource Center’s Textbook Lending Library
  • Undergraduate Research in the DeSales University Natural Science Department Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program
  • DeSales University Care Grants

Monthly payment plans are available to make your commitment more convenient for you:

  • 10 Months - $100.00 Monthly Gift
  • 8 Months - $125.00 Monthly Gift
  • 5 Months - $200.00 Monthly Gift
  • 4 Months - $250.00 Monthly Gift
  • 2 Months - $500.00 Monthly Gift

We ask that commitments for participation for the 2023-2024 funding year are provided by December 31, 2023 with full gift of $1,000 completed by June 30, 2024.

For Women for DeSales Campus Partners and Applicants:

  • Proposals for the 2023-2024 funding cycle will open in October 2023 and will be due December 14, 2023.


For more information or to participate please contact: 

Carrie Gradin
Director of Annual Giving


Megan Diehl '07
Director of Advancement Communications & Donor Relations
610.282.1100, x1694


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