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Vision, Mission, and Program Goals for the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders


To be recognized as a leader in the advancement and practice of speech language pathology through innovative teaching and research, mentored professional practice, and ethical preparation enabling students to construct new ideas and to lead lives of impact.


To provide a transformative learning experience consistent with the University’s core values of gentleness, humility, gratitude, hospitality and wisdom. 

Program Goals

Students and graduates will:

  • use their knowledge and skills to integrate scientific inquiry and evidence-based clinical reasoning into everyday practice, addressing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders
  • be prepared to adapt and lead in the complex and dynamic healthcare environment of today and tomorrow through inter-professional collaborations
  • advance innovations in clinical practice through implementation science and cross-disciplinary efforts to improve the quality and delivery of services.

Communication Sciences and Disorders (CS&D) Strategic Plan

Consistent with the University’s vision, mission and values our Program’s Strategic Plan aligns with the following FOUR pillars in the University’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan:   

  • DeSales University Pillar 1: Academic Excellence & Innovation 

    DeSales University Pillar 1: Academic Excellence & Innovation Propelled by the solid and successful outcomes of its educational programs, DeSales commits to growing its reputation for academic excellence through innovative methods and organizational structures. Particular attention will be given to initiatives which support a synergy among all members of this learning community.

    • Integrate theoretical knowledge of foundational and clinical sciences in communication and swallowing disorders with evidence-based practice in the creation and implementation of effective and contemporary treatment plans.
    • Engage in critical inquiry and scholarly activities within clinical practice that lead to innovation in the profession and a personal plan for lifelong learning.
    • Communicate effectively with a spirit of camaraderie and collaboration as productive members of a diverse faculty and inter-professional healthcare team.
  • DeSales University Pillar 2: Stewardship 

    DeSales remains on firm financial footing and seeks to capitalize on that strength to advance its mission by identifying and embracing new opportunities while continuing to navigate market uncertainty and challenges.

    • Adopt a servant-leadership attitude to initiate and advocate for changes in health policy toward health promotion, disease prevention, wellness, and equitable access to care.
  • DeSales University Pillar 3: Student Experience 

    DeSales provides intentional, experiential opportunities designed to inspire and nurture the full development of students. Undergraduate and graduate students will find their purpose, realize their potential, and flourish at DeSales University and in a global community.

    • Function competently in a variety of clinical settings upon entry into the field.
    • Respect the uniqueness of cultural beliefs and values that influence interpersonal communication and behavior in a complex healthcare environment.
  • DeSales University Pillar 4: Visibility & Growth 

    As the nation’s only Salesian, Catholic university, DeSales will leverage the new brand platform to advance our distinctive value and positively position DeSales as the top-choice destination to work and learn. Expanded visibility will be achieved by showcasing the University’s inherent strengths-a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, character development, and meaningful connection.

    • Practice with a compassion and understanding that exemplifies Salesian and Christian humanistic values of gentleness, humility, and simplicity for every person in their care.
    • Consider the patient holistically in the context of family, community, and society, and incorporate ethical principles into a patient-focused practice.

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