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Chuck Gloman

Associate Professor

Chuck Gloman has over 30 years of experience as a producer and director of photography with over 900 TV commercials, 250 corporate videos, and 100 documentaries to his credit. His films have aired on HBO, Cinemax, and network television. He is the author of Placing Shadows: The Art of Video Lighting, 2nd Edition (Focal Press: 2000); No Budget Digital Filmmaking (McGraw-Hill: 2002); 202 Digital Photography Solutions (McGraw-Hill: 2003); Placing Shadows: The Art of Video Lighting, 3rd Edition (Focal Press: 2005); Scenic Design and Lighting Techniques (Focal Press: 2006); and Working with HAD (Focal Press: 2006). He is a contributing editor to IdeographyDigital VideoTV Technology, and Government Video magazines and has published over 300 articles.