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About the Library

Trexler Library operates to serve the educational and scholarly needs of students, faculty and staff, and our community.

Student Resources
Join Library director Debbie Malone as she provides you with an overview of the many services available at Trexler Library.
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Hello everyone. My name is Debbie Malone
and I'm the library director here at

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DeSales University's Trexler library. In
this video I want to give you an

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overview of the many library resources
and services available to you as a

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student at DeSales.
I'm standing now in front of the

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circulation desk and I want to give you
some general information about the

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library. There's no limit to the number
of books that you can check out at any

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one time and if we don't have a book you
want we can get it for you from another

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library. Books check out for four weeks
at a time but you can renew a book as

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many times as you want to as long as
someone else has not placed a hold on

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that item.
Your DeSales ID card is also your

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library card, very convenient.
We also have a large collection of DVDs

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and these can be checked out for one
week at a time.

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We provide 14 laptops that we circulate
for use in the building. The library

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hours are always posted on the library
homepage at

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Regular hours during
the semester are Sunday to Thursday

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until 1 a.m., Friday until 9:00 p.m. and
Saturday until 5:00 p.m. We open at 7:30

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a.m. during the weekdays. Hours vary on
holidays and semester breaks so be sure

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to check the website if you're making a
special trip. This desk is also where you

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can come to get help with your research
or using any of our resources. Librarians

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are happy to answer and help you with
any of your questions. You need a place

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to work with the group? The library was
renovated in 2013 and we created these

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four glass study rooms equipped with
whiteboards and you can project your

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laptop screen on the monitor as well.
There are five other study rooms

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scattered throughout the building too.
They can all be booked online with two

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hours at a time. I'm standing in our
reference area. The nooks around the

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windows that you see here are very
popular study areas and we have 18

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computers here with over 80 other
computers located throughout

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library available for your use, including
12 Macs. All of them have the full

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Microsoft Office suite of software
products. Wireless internet is also

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available in the library. And you can
bring your own laptop if you prefer and

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even print wirelessly. Better yet
printing is free. You have six printers

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scattered throughout the library. In
addition we have 18 of these very large

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study carrels scattered over both floors.
They're popular spots to study because

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they're roomy they have electrical
outlets close by and they're near to the

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windows. You don't get that closed in
feeling while you're studying here. I'm

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standing in our one button studio which
provides space for you to easily

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practice your oral presentations for
your classes.

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You bring a flash drive or you can
purchase one at the circulation desk. You

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put it in the slot on the top of the
desk and then you hit the one button and

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voila the lights go on and the cameras
ready to tape your speech. You walk out

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with your presentation on your flash
drive, very easy to do. This is the

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smaller of our two computer labs on the
second floor we call it "PC Lab 2." It has

00:03:32,310 --> 00:03:37,500
18 computers including four Macs and this
is a really good place to tell you a

00:03:37,500 --> 00:03:43,170
little bit more about our resources. Our
discovery service allows you to search

00:03:43,170 --> 00:03:48,120
multiple databases in the library
catalog at once. Most of these resources

00:03:48,120 --> 00:03:53,730
are available online anytime and
anywhere. All you need is your MyDSU login

00:03:53,730 --> 00:03:59,250
to access thousands of online
journals and electronic books from

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off-campus. These resources will provide
you with the information that you

00:04:04,620 --> 00:04:09,690
will need when writing research papers
and doing other assignments. The sources

00:04:09,690 --> 00:04:13,260
you use to support your writing can make
a really big difference in the quality

00:04:13,260 --> 00:04:17,790
of that writing. You tend to use Google
as your place to start your search

00:04:17,790 --> 00:04:23,139
that's fine but you'll be amazed at how
quickly you can find relevant

00:04:23,139 --> 00:04:30,090
authoritative information using the library
databases. Our collections include over

00:04:30,090 --> 00:04:36,240
120,000 full-text electronic books that
can be located through our discovery box.

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You can read these books online or
download a chapter or two to a mobile

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device or print a few chapters. Many of
the electronic books are recent

00:04:46,360 --> 00:04:50,199
publications and thus provide some of
the most current information in our

00:04:50,199 --> 00:04:55,509
collections. I'm still on the second
floor and now I'm standing in front of

00:04:55,509 --> 00:04:59,590
our current collection of theater books
which is a very good place to tell you

00:04:59,590 --> 00:05:04,389
about the variety of resources available
through our databases. In addition to

00:05:04,389 --> 00:05:11,069
articles, the library also has databases
that provide access to videos, art, music,

00:05:11,069 --> 00:05:16,990
statistics, company and industry information,
online encyclopedias, dictionaries, and

00:05:16,990 --> 00:05:22,089
more. This is our films on demand
resource. Tt gives you immediate access

00:05:22,089 --> 00:05:29,580
to over 15,000 films from producers such
as PBS, films for the Humanities, HBO,

00:05:29,580 --> 00:05:35,710
Scientific American, and more and they're
all relevant to your courses. If you're

00:05:35,710 --> 00:05:39,909
not sure where to start your research,
librarians have created research guides

00:05:39,909 --> 00:05:45,610
to help you. These guides list the best
databases and websites to use for

00:05:45,610 --> 00:05:50,139
different subjects and include the
contact information for a librarian. If

00:05:50,139 --> 00:05:54,039
you have a question or wish to schedule
an appointment for assistance with your

00:05:54,039 --> 00:06:00,520
research, don't forget librarians are
resources too. We can save you time by

00:06:00,520 --> 00:06:04,060
helping you learn how to search the
databases efficiently as well as

00:06:04,060 --> 00:06:10,060
evaluate the quality of what you find.
Trexler Library has all of this and so

00:06:10,060 --> 00:06:14,080
much more. If you would like more
information about any of these resources

00:06:14,080 --> 00:06:20,849
or services, give us a call or email a
librarian at

00:06:20,849 --> 00:06:25,930
Explore our website and come on in. We
encourage you to get to know your

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An overview of the DeSales Trexler Library services and facilities. 

We offer a variety of spaces and resources to assist with your research, assignment, and studying needs. These include:

  • Study Spaces — various areas to meet your needs from individual cubicles to collaborate study rooms
  • Electronic Resources — 24-hour access to a vast collection of electronic journals, books, and films.
  • Books, Periodicals, and DVDs — all the titles and more you would expect from your campus library
  • Computers & Release Printers — available for your use throughout the library
  • The Air Products Room — our named lecture theater space for movies and special events
  • Coffee and Snacks — in case you need fuel while studying

Library Use Policies

  • Noise Policy

    • Trexler Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study as
      well as welcoming to all users. All library staff and users of the library should respect the rights of others and refrain from making excessive noise while using the University Library. 
    • If users are disturbed by excess noise, including but not limited to loud conversations, cell phone use, or music, please speak to a Trexler Library staff member. The library staff reserves the right to ask individuals to leave the library if the noise levels remain high after requests to quiet down. 
  • Cell Phone Policy

    • Audible ringers should be turned off on cell phones and other devices on entering
      Trexler Library. 
    • Please use the enclosed area between the entrance doors on the first floor to make or
      receive phone calls. 
    • All library personnel are authorized to request that disruptive use of cell phones or
      other electronic devices be discontinued immediately. 
  • Unattended Items Policy

    • For your protection, valuables should never be left unattended while at the library. 
    • Any personal property which is left unattended for two or more hours will be stored for
      safety reasons in a locked space behind the circulation desk. At library closing, any items not already retrieved by their owner will be sent to Police and Public Safety. 
  • Food and Drink Policy

    • Library users are permitted to have covered drinks and snacks throughout the library.
      Users are expected to act courteously and responsibly. 
    • Please clean up any spills or crumbs, report any large spills, dispose of trash and
      recyclables, and be conscious of excessive noises or smells. 
    • The Trexler Library staff reserves the right to ask users to remove their food or drink if it
      disturbs other users or causes damage to the library. 
  • Room Bookings

    • Study Rooms
      Use of study rooms is restricted to current DeSales students, faculty, and staff. For this reason, you are required to use your DeSales email address ( to reserve the room. Each individual may reserve a study room for up to two hours per day. Reservations may be made up to thirty days in advance. 
    • Trexler Presentation Studio
      The Trexler Presentation Studio may not be booked and used as a study space. It is designed to be used for recording purposes only. You may book the Trexler Presentation Studio for two hours per day, up to one month in advance. Only four individuals may use the Trexler Presentation Studio at a time. The Trexler Presentation Studio is located on the second floor of the library near the elevator. After reserving the room, go to the Circulation Desk and check out the key. You will need to have a usb drive. You can purchase one at the Circulation Desk for $4.00.

Library Circulation Policies for Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Books

    • DeSales University students and staff may check out an unlimited number of books, for
      30 day periods, subject to renewal as long as the item is not on hold for another patron. 
    • DeSales University faculty may check out an unlimited number of books, for 5 month
      periods, subject to renewal as long as the item is not on hold for another patron. 
    • There is no daily overdue fee for regularly checked out books, but patrons will be
      charged for the cost of the books, plus a $10 processing fee, if the book exceeds 30 days overdue. 
  • Media

    • Media materials available for check out include videos, audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. 
    • DeSales University students, faculty, and staff may check out a total of five media items for 7 day periods, subject to renewal. 
    • Media items are subject to a 50 cent per day per item overdue fine. On the 30th day, the patron will be charged for the cost of the item, plus a $10 processing fee. 
  • Reserved Material

    • Materials on reserved are available to be checked out for two hours and must not leave
      the library. 
    • Reserved materials are subject to a 50 cent per hour per item overdue fine. 
  • Interlibrary Loan

    • DeSales University students, faculty, and staff may check out materials from other
      libraries through our Interlibrary Loan services. 
    • Overdue interlibrary loan materials are subject to a $1 per day fee as assessed by the
      Technical Services Librarian. 
  • Online Resources

    • DeSales University students, faculty, and staff are welcome to use all library computers
      and online resources. 
    • Online resources are accessible from anywhere using a patron’s myDSU log in

Library Circulation Policies for Community Members

  • Registration

    • Please present a valid photo ID (Driver’s License, Marywood or Chestnut Hill ID) at the Circulation Desk when you are requesting a library card. 
    • The community no-fee library card registration is for one year. 
  • Using The Library

    • Community members may check out a total of five books at one time. Books circulate
      for a 30 day borrowing period and may be renewed. Patrons are not subjected to a daily overdue fine, but if books are more than 30 days overdue, the patron will be charged for the cost of the book and a $10 billing fee per item. 
    • Community members may not check out any media or use Trexler Library’s Interlibrary Loan service. 
    • As a member of our community we welcome you to access library databases, the Internet, and Microsoft Office from the designated Public Access Computer located on the first floor. Usage of Public Access computer is limited to two hours.
    • Printing is not available to Community Members. Please save your work to either the cloud (such as Google Drive or Dropbox) or to an external drive. Flash Drives are sold at the Circulation Desk for $4.00.
    • Community patrons may use Trexler Library photocopiers, at $0.10 per page. Please ask at the Circulation Desk for assistance accessing the copiers. 
    • Campus visitors should park in the Dooling Hall visitors section, Labuda Center, or Gambet Center parking lots. The Trexler Library lot is designated for students. 
  • Exceptions & Additional Information

    • Chestnut Hill College Students 
      Chestnut Hill College students should place their Interlibrary Loan requests through their Chestnut Hill College Office. To retrieve printed documents at the first floor Reference Release Printer, Chestnut Hill students will need to enter the generic login provided by the Chestnut Hill Office to access the web print function. Please contact professors or program administrators for this information. 
    • Marywood University Students
      Marywood University students should place their Interlibrary Loan requests through their Marywood University Office. To retrieve printed documents at the first floor Reference Release Printer, Marywood students will need to enter the generic login provided by the Marywood Office to access the web print function. Please contact professors or program administrators for this information. 
    • Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
      PSF registrations are for the duration of the yearly program. Participants may check out media as this is a necessary part of the program. 
    • Summer Theatre Institute
      STI registrations are for the duration of the yearly program. Participants may check out media as this is a necessary part of the program. 
Online Healthcare Prerequisites

Access to Computers and Printers at the Trexler Library

Everything you need to know about our printers and computers, their locations, and how to access them and other systems.

Learn more about printing at Trexler