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St. Francis DeSales Society

As a lawyer known for his wise counsel, keen intellect, compelling communication style, and deep concern for the public good, Francis de Sales represents a model to which lawyers of any faith can turn to reinforce the highest ideals of the profession.

The Saint Francis de Sales Society seeks to provide legal professionals and aspiring legal professionals with a forum for community, conversation and practical advice on all aspects of the legal profession.  A special emphasis is placed on exploring how St. Francis de Sales' world views are relevant to the current needs of those in the legal community.

The society will also strive to identify, advise, and support students who may be considering law school and a career in the law. 

St. Francis DeSales Society Executive Committee Members:

James Holman ’86, Chair
Karen Salvemini ’06, Vice-Chair
Braden Borger ’02
Stephen Van Natten ’90

Please Join Us!

For more information or questions on becoming a member please contact: 

Alumni Relations Office
610-282-1100 ext. 2112