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DeSales University Announces 2020 Virtual Summer Video Institute

by Roseann Damico Schatkowski May 22, 2020

The Division of Performing Arts at DeSales University is pleased to offer online professional training with the 2020 Virtual Summer Video Institute.

This intensive program features a one-week experience into the evolving world of virtual filmmaking for ages 12 through adult. Three college credits are available for students who have successfully completed the program and have a high school graduation date of 2022 or prior.

The Virtual Summer Video Institute (VSVI) at DeSales offers students of all ages an introduction to the theories of techniques of digital movie making using cell phones. Each student will create a minimum of two short films and potentially collaborate on a larger scale production. 

Each morning will begin with lectures delivered via Zoom on how to design, shoot, stabilize, and edit films of your own creation using your personal Android or iPhone. The mornings will include topics such as scriptwriting; Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and Premiere Rush (editing software for phones); and sound and stabilization techniques.

The remainder of the morning will be spent on collaborating virtually with other students on your script or project footage. In the afternoons, you’ll be going out shooting and editing your film in your home environment. At the end of the program, the final films will be celebrated with an online screening.

“The Virtual Summer Video Institute offers students of all ages a marvelous introduction into the ever-evolving world of digital filmmaking using cell phone technology,” says VSVI director, Chuck Gloman. “This is an extraordinary time in the history of media arts. For students imagining a career in filmmaking, or adults looking to increase their creativity using everyday technology, VSVI is designed to provide an intense and rewarding experience. We are very excited to see your creations!"

The Virtual Summer Video Institute runs June 22 to June 26. Tuition is $335. College credit is available for students with a high school graduation date of 2022 or prior. For more information, contact director Chuck Gloman at, or visit