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Welcome to Carni-Finals Week in Trexler Library

by Emily Stackhouse Apr 26, 2024

Come one, come all to Trexler Library’s Carni-Finals Extravaganza!

Step right up to the snack tables and grab your study supplies. The rollercoaster that is Finals Week is about to begin!

Sunday 5/4:

  • All day: Board Games
  • 3PM: Soft Pretzels

Monday 5/5:

  • All day: Mindfulness Resources
  • 7PM: Popcorn & Candy Bar
  • 9PM: Coffee & Tea

Tuesday 5/6:

  • 1:30PM: Therapy Dogs
  • 3PM: Healthy Snacks

Wednesday 5/7:

  • All day: Craft Corner
  • 8PM: Salty Snacks

While in town, the library will be open until midnight from April 29 to May 3. Good luck on your exams, and welcome to the finals show!