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The Faces That Make Us: Pat Jacoby ’13, Athletics Multimedia Coordinator

by Janelle Hill M’23 Apr 26, 2024
Pat Jacoby Faces That Make Us

Attend an athletics event on campus and you’re bound to spot Pat Jacoby on the sideline, camera in hand.

The 2013 media studies graduate first began working for DSU as a sports information student assistant during the fall semester of his first year. After graduation, he worked as a freelance photographer on campus before being hired full time two years later.   

“I luckily came in right around the social media boom and the digital boom,” Jacoby says. “I got here at the exact right time for the stuff that I like to do.” 

1. Why did you want to come to DeSales as a student?

I knew of DeSales because it was right down the hill. I went to Salisbury, so it was right over South Mountain. I always say I went down one side of the hill to high school, and then I went down the other side to college. 

It was one of those things where I did my individual tour, and we pulled onto Preston Lane. By the time I hit Dooling, I knew right then and there that I was coming here. It was one of those instant feelings. 

2. Describe your current role as athletics multimedia coordinator and the camaraderie in your department. 

I provide the visual media for the department, and BJ Spigelmyer ’99 [sports information director] does all of the written media. He handles all of the stats of the games, and he writes all the stories. I do the pictures, the videos, live broadcasting, and then we tag team social media.

BJ and I have always worked very well together. And it was actually unique when we first started because typically when a school hires a second person in their sports information office, they split the sports 50/50. We were one of the first, that I’m aware of in the country, that split the job functions 50/50 instead, so we both cover all of our teams.

That helps with camaraderie and learning about the different teams. We both know every team, and we both work with every coach.

3. What do you love most about sports photography and sports media? 

I think my favorite part of photography, in general, is having that moment in the future. When I first started liking sports photography, it gave me a rush to just capture the moment. I still remember having a little point-and-shoot camera at my sister’s soccer games. If somebody dribbled around a defender, the picture looked terrible, but I captured the moment. 

Now, I still love capturing the moment, but I love having that capture in the future days, weeks, months, and even years. If I’m working on a project and I have to go back to find a picture that I took while I was a student, I love seeing the progression, how I’ve grown over the years, and what things were like back then—how the campus looked, what’s in the background of the photos, or who was on the team and how did our jerseys look.  

4. You’ve come full circle during your time here. How does it feel going from a student worker to a leader and mentor for current students?  

That’s one of my favorite parts: being able to have that experience and walking students through how a camera works. Anybody that has the enthusiasm for learning—whether it be videography, photography, or broadcasting—I love being able to teach them something and then see them go out and do it. 

I’ve seen results in some of my students where they’ve become better photographers after a year and a half than I was as a senior. It’s just really cool to see their progression. Not only does it help our department, but I love seeing somebody have the same type of passion that I had as a student.  

5. Advice for prospective employees? 

Have passion and enthusiasm. If you have passion and enthusiasm for what you do, you’re going to excel here.

Everybody has the same goal. You’re always going to find someone who takes the time to either help you or have a conversation with you. DeSales is a special place with a lot of people who love what they do.