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Blackout Poetry Contest Returns to Trexler Library

by Emily Stackhouse ‘20 Apr 2, 2024
Trexler Library

National Poetry Month, and Trexler Library is celebrating with its third annual Blackout Poetry Contest!

Blackout Poetry is a form of erasure poetry and is created when someone takes a page from a book or document and blacks out text on the page to reveal a new meaning. For many years, marginalized communities have been silenced at the hands of harmful redacted government documents. In turn, Blackout Poetry utilizes this once very oppressive method of erasing history and repurposes it to reveal the truth. Artists and poets alike have begun rewriting the narrative through Blackout Poetry.

And now it is your turn! Trexler Library has created a fun, interactive Blackout Poetry Display, where you can create your poem from recycled book and magazine pages and enter our contest to win a $25 bookstore gift card!

The contest runs until Wed, April 24 and is open to faculty, staff, and students. All the pages and markers are located with the display in the lobby of Trexler Library.