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The Faces That Make Us: Emily Stackhouse ’20

by Paige Dormann Jan 23, 2024
EmilyStackhouseportrait 2

Emily Stackhouse ’20 knows a thing or two about Trexler Library, having advanced from work-study student to circulation supervisor to her current role as marketing and outreach coordinator/access services assistant. 

According to Stackhouse, Trexler Library feels like home, and her background as a theology graduate has allowed her to better serve others. 

“I’ve come to appreciate all persons of different faiths that come through our doors,” she says. “That’s the beauty of the Salesian spirit; our hearts are open for everyone to grow in their own faith and love each other just the same.” 

What’s your favorite Trexler Library tradition?

Our Blackout Poetry Contest! Every April, we celebrate National Poetry Month by holding a contest for our DeSales community where they can black out text from old magazine or newspaper articles to create a poem or new narrative from the words they chose. It is so fun seeing their creativity come to life.  

Which book do you think everyone at DeSales should read?

One book I’ve been reading that has resonated with me is “The Divergent Mind: Thriving in a World that Wasn’t Designed for You.” This book has opened my eyes to the world of neurodivergence, especially in women, and how for decades girls and women have been left out of crucial research that provides diagnoses for autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and more. The main takeaway: why should neurodivergence be pathologized when every person’s brain functions differently? Answer: it shouldn’t!

Best hang-out spot in the Lehigh Valley?

Jaquelyn’s On Main in Coopersburg! My best friend, Jaquelyn, owns the cutest coffee shop and bakery right in town. Not only is it close to campus, but she plans events for the community, such as book clubs, afternoon teas, and artisan markets. It is a hidden gem and a much-needed social spot in our community.

If you could have lunch with any author living or dead, who would it be and where would you take them?

I would have to say poet Amanda Gorman. Her poem “The Hill We Climb” is one of my favorites and moves me every time. I would love to take her to a local favorite just down the road on 309: Diana’s Café. 

What’s the best thing about working at Trexler Library?

I say this every time: our students. They are one of a kind. My work-study students mean the world to me. I get to see them flourish as students and find their passions, which is the most rewarding part of my job. They will always have a place in Trexler Library.