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Meet Fiona O’Brien: Theatre Major and Leadership Scholarship Winner

by Julia Briar ’25 Nov 29, 2023

Spring Lake, New Jersey

1. What made you want to study theatre?

I’ve been doing theatre since I was about three or four. It has been a huge part of my life and just this past year, I found that theatre has gotten me through a lot of hard times. Also, I love music and kind of found my love of music through theatre. I also want to be a teacher and thought that if I get a degree in theatre, I could help another generation find their love for music and theatre.

2. Describe what your essay was about.

My essay was about being well rounded. Specifically, in my high school, there was a huge divide between athletics and the arts, so I wrote my essay about bringing these two programs together. One of the ways I did this was to sing the national anthem at the basketball games, because at my high school, no one would ever sing the national anthem at sporting events. With that, a lot more artists came to sporting events and more athletes came to our events, like the spring musical.

3. Describe the interview process and how you prepared for the interview.

Everyone was very comforting and supportive throughout the interview process. I thought about the leaders I came across in my life, and I thought about the qualities they have and why I look up to them.

4. Tell us about your Orientation and first-year experience so far.

I have had the best first-year experience so far. I had a great Orientation too; I met such great friends. I feel like I am starting off with a well-rounded first-year experience so far because I am a tour guide and I do cheerleading.

5. Advice for future Leadership Scholarship applicants?

Be yourself and write about something you’re passionate about.

The Leadership Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship offered to six students who have shown outstanding leadership in their high school careers and who plan to continue to develop those skills at DeSales. The deadline to submit your application, essay, and resume is Friday, December 1, 2023.