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Meet Avery Fitz: Nursing Major and Leadership Scholarship Winner

by Julia Briar ’25 Nov 8, 2023
Avery Fitz Leadership Scholarship IMG_2115

Frenchtown, New Jersey

1. What made you feel connected to DeSales? 

It sounds cliche but this is the first school that I toured and every school after didn’t feel right. DeSales felt like home; I loved the campus and the community. When you know, you know.

2. Describe the interview process and how you prepared.

I had a big preparation beforehand. I researched a lot of questions that they could ask because I get really nervous, so I wanted to have some idea before I went in. The interview itself didn’t feel like you were interviewing for a full-tuition scholarship. They made it feel like a conversation, which was nice because I didn’t feel interrogated.

3. Tell us about your Orientation and first-year experience so far.

I was really nervous going into Orientation because I am kind of an introvert. But what I loved about Orientation is that DeSales made you talk to people that you never would’ve talked to. Orientation was made to feel homey and actually made me feel wanted. You can tell that DeSales really cares about students and they want students to enjoy their time here.

4. Advice for future Leadership Scholarship applicants? 

No one person is the same. You might think the littlest detail about what you’ve done in your life or high school career is not important, but it could be the difference of you getting the scholarship. DeSales is always looking for someone who is going to open up a new perspective. So put yourself out there; you never know what could happen.

5. Fun fact about yourself? 

I’m vegan. If there are any vegans out there, I was super nervous about coming here and the food options I was going to have. But there are a lot of different options for vegans. 

The Leadership Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship offered to six students who have shown outstanding leadership in their high school careers and who plan to continue to develop those skills at DeSales. The deadline to submit your application, essay, and resume is Friday, December 1, 2023.