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Katherine Ramsland Earns Provost’s Faculty Excellence Award and New Title

by Paige Dormann Jul 5, 2023
Katherine Ramsland Commencement

What sets one university apart from another? The community’s commitment to going above and beyond to provide a transformational learning experience. 

That’s why each year, DeSales University recognizes a faculty member with The Provost’s Faculty Excellence Award for achievements in one of three categories: scholarship/professional growth, service, or teaching. 

At this year’s 54th annual Commencement ceremony, Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D., assistant provost and professor emerita, earned the award for her excellence in scholarship and professional growth, as demonstrated through outstanding pedagogy and instructional practices both in the classroom and beyond.

Ramsland describes the achievement as “exciting and gratifying” and hopes that her work will motivate others. 

“Hopefully, the award will inspire other faculty to view me as a role model who can assist them to attain their own excellence in professional development. That's what I aspire to do in my new position.” 

 Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D., assistant provost and professor emerita 

Having retired from teaching undergraduate students in May, Ramsland will now serve as the inaugural director for the upcoming Center for Teaching Excellence. Through this role, she will develop the CTE and prepare it for a future director. She will also teach a course in the DeSales Master of Arts in criminal justice program, and she continues to strive to be a lifelong learner.

“The joy of learning has always driven my professional growth, and I hope to find new ways to keep expanding my knowledge and skills,” said Ramsland, whose five graduate degrees include two master’s degrees from DeSales. “I'm transitioning from academic work into writing novels, as well as learning how to set up a faculty support center. It's a new challenge, which I welcome. I hope it becomes a source of inspiration for our faculty.”