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One Last Bow: Charity for Change Founders Graduate

by Paige Dormann Jun 16, 2023
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As COVID-19 swept across the globe, theatre curtains were drawn closed, leaving performers with limited opportunities to pursue their passion. Artists everywhere had two options: do nothing or do what they do best—get creative.

“While on lockdown I had the idea to organize a benefit concert that could both help people struggling from the effects of COVID-19 while also providing a performance opportunity to singers,” said Johnny Drumgoole ‘23, a musical theatre graduate. “I tried to get the word out over the summer of 2020 that I wanted to hold a charity concert at DeSales when we finally returned to campus after half of a semester of online classes.”

With the help of University administrators and peers, Alaina Hurley ’23, and Molly Hofstaedter ’23, the Charity for Change concert was born. Held twice a year, Charity for Change provides students with the opportunity to perform musical numbers while raising money for charity. 

“Charity for Change opened my eyes to what I want out of a job: something I am skilled at, something I am passionate about, and something I can ‘give beauty back’ through, as Father Schubert was famous for saying.”

 Molly Hofstaedter ’23, musical theatre graduate

Hurley, a theatre graduate in the acting for the stage and screen track, said that Charity for Change bolstered her confidence because she learned that she can achieve ambitious goals.
However, when asked what she will miss the most about DeSales, she confessed, “Over the last three years, we have found a really tightknit group of people who love performing and have a passion for helping those in need. I was always impressed by the generosity and talent that was brought to each performance.”
Drumgoole added, “Being around like-minded people who want to use their gifts for good is what made Charity for Change possible in the first place, and my hope is that there are plenty of opportunities as great as those I’ve had here to use my time and talent for a helpful cause.”
Since its inception, Charity for Change has raised more than $5,000 for organizations such as the DeSales Emergency Relief Fund, New Bethany Ministries, The Navajo Water Project, and Catholic Relief Services. Fortunately, the concerts are expected to continue even after the founders graduate.