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DeSales Named a 2022-2023 College of Distinction

by Janelle Hill Jun 9, 2022

DeSales University is once again being recognized for its commitment to student engagement and success by Colleges of Distinction, a unique guide for college-bound students.

The University has been named a 2022-2023 College of Distinction, a Catholic College of Distinction, and a Pennsylvania College of Distinction. DeSales also has received specialized recognition in nursing.

“We are extremely proud to have achieved these impressive rankings once again and to be recognized for our rich Catholic mission. The hard work and dedication of our resilient faculty and staff, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, are a testament to our continued success.”  

 Father James Greenfield, OSFS ’84, president of DeSales

Colleges of Distinction recognizes schools based on four criteria: student engagement, teaching, community, and successful outcomes. DeSales was recognized in the same categories last year, and was also named a 2020-2021 College of Distinction. 

Founded in 2000, Colleges of Distinction honors schools throughout the U.S. for excellence in higher education and a dedicated focus on the undergraduate experience.