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First in the Valley: DeSales to Offer Master of Arts in Homeland Security Program

by Janelle Hill Apr 21, 2022

Students pursuing careers in homeland security and counterterrorism can soon further their education at DeSales University. 

Beginning this fall, DeSales will launch a Master of Arts in homeland security—the first such program in the Lehigh Valley and just the third in Pennsylvania. 

“Homeland security is the fastest growing federal job. Right now, there are around 2 million people working in the sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that we are going to add 1 million more to the workforce by 2030.”

 Ahmet Yayla, Ph.D., director of DeSales’ Center for Homeland Security

The program will offer concentrations in counterterrorism investigations and counterterrorism digital forensics, expanding upon certificates that DeSales currently offers in its Master of Arts in criminal justice program. 

“We have a unique advantage here because we already have a homeland security program on the undergraduate level, and we offer certificates on the graduate level,” says Yayla. “Adding a stand-alone master’s program will open the door to more career opportunities for our students.”  

A homeland security master’s degree prepares students for a wide range of careers in the public, private, and government sectors, including academia, the intelligence community, law enforcement, the military, and cyber security. Two active FBI agents and a military intelligence officer are among the instructors who will teach in the program. 

First responders, law enforcement, military members, and veterans will receive a 20% tuition discount. Full-time students can complete the program in as little as a year and a half. DeSales will also offer undergraduate students the opportunity to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s in homeland security in just five years.