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Congratulations to the Class of 2021 Award Winners

by Janelle Hill May 21, 2021

Dozens of students in the Class of 2021 are being singled out for their academic excellence. Every year, faculty members in each division choose the winners of the following awards. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners. 


  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Award for Excellence: Bryce E. Hawkins
  • Institute of Internal Auditors for Excellence in Auditing Studies (IIA): Hemansi N. Kaneria
  • The Business Faculty Award for Excellence in Business Administration: Vincent A. Gonsalves
  • The Business Faculty Award for Excellence in Finance: Wesley D. Carroll
  • The Business Faculty Award for Excellence in Healthcare Administration: Helen T. Cao
  • The Business Faculty Award for Excellence in Management: Taylor M. Rezac
  • The Business Faculty Award for Excellence in Marketing: Samantha Napoli
  • The Business Faculty Award for Excellence in Pharmaceutical Marketing: Madison Macknis
  • The Gift of Life Award: Karleigh-Anne Keen
  • The Jeff Focht Leadership Award in Management and Marketing: Thomas J. Corcoran
  • The Pennsylvania Institute for Certified Public Accountants Award for Excellence Accounting (PIPCA): Francis J. Altmire
  • The Sport Management Award for Academic Excellence: Rachel N. Sheubrooks
  • The Sport Management Award for Service: Macy C. Rizzolino


  • Medical Studies Award for Academic Excellence: Brianna R. Lonergan

Sport and Exercise Physiology

  • The Exercise is Medicine Award for Service: Christian J. Bryson and Chad Y. Azar (Ex Aequo) 
  • The Sport and Exercise Physiology Award for Academic Excellence: Anne E. Brush and Adrian C. Anatalio (Ex Aequo)
  • The Sport and Exercise Physiology Award for Excellence in Research: Madeline J. Meloche, Aislinn M. Roth, and Brandon M. DiChiacchio (Ex Aequo) 



  • Graduate Education Student Teacher of the Year: Amanda J. Kemble
  • The Jean Baptiste de la Salle (Patron Saint of Teachers) Award: Karina R. Tramont
  • Traditional Undergraduate Student Teacher of the Year: Lauren E. Christ


  • The English Award for Excellence in Creative Writing-Fiction: Grace K. Manidis
  • The Ross Baker Award for Excellence in Academic Writing: Matthew P. Savino
  • The Samuel Nock Award for Excellence in English: Grace K. Manidis

Philosophy and Theology                                                                                                 

  • Award for Excellence in Theology: Carmine A. Cicalese and Faith E. Nikolaus (Ex Aequo)

Social Sciences                                                                                                                  

  • Gregory W. Spinelli Criminal Justice Award for Excellence in Criminal Justice Studies: Lyssa M. Pantella
  • Reverend Bernard F. Donahue, OSFS, Award for Excellence in Political Science: Raymond D. Horchos
  • The St. Thomas More Society Award for Excellence in Law & Society: Rachel D. Maryanski
  • The Homeland Security Award for Academic Excellence: Niko E. Fager
  • The Criminal Justice Award for Academic Excellence: Karlyna D. Kemery
  • The Criminal Justice Leadership Award: Teresa M. Roeder
  • The Psychology Award for Academic Excellence: Catherine E. Masayko
  • The Matthew Hammerstone Memorial Award for Excellence in Digital Forensics: Gunnar D. Anderson
  • The Psychology Undergraduate Research Award: Artur Wadolowski  


  • The Award for Excellence in Spanish: Pamela E. Matias


  • The Lehigh County Medical Auxiliary Scholarship and Education Fund for Nursing: Rachel A. Medlar
  • The Nursing Excellence Award-ACCESS: Kirsten M. Borgmann
  • The Nursing Excellence Award-Traditional BSN: Tyler A. Marcantuono
  • The Nursing Leadership Award-ACCESS: Jeanne Kunkle 
  • The Nursing Leadership Award-Traditional BSN: Prexnie B. Legrand
  • The Susan Ratzell Scholarship for Nursing: Luke R. Altemose



  • The Dance Alumni Award: Alexa M. Fahs and Amanda P. Salvo (Ex Aequo)
  • The DeSales University Dance Ensemble Award: Danielle C. Curtin and Toni C. Lundy (Ex Aequo)


  • The DeSales University Act 1 Theatre Award: Bridget O. Broskey and Gabriel J. Moses (Ex Aequo) 
  • The Gerard J. Schubert, OSFS, Award in Theatre Arts: Bridget O. Broskey


  • TV/Film Award for Filmmaking Craft: Christopher A. Tocchet
  • TV/Film Award for Service and Leadership: Joseph F. Del Deo, Jennifer L. Marinello, and Jacob B. Metzger (Ex Aequo)
  • TV/Film Spirit of the Filmmaker Award: Carmine A. Cicalese                                  



  • The Award for Excellence in the Association for Women in Science: Jordan A. Dunn
  • The Biology Award for Academic Excellence: Matthew J. Kraus
  • The Biology Award for Excellence in Research: Vincent R. Maria 

Chemistry and Physics                                                                                                      

  • Alpha Sigma Chi Award for Excellence in the Natural Science Club: Morgan E. Greenleaf and Sandra Salit (Ex Aequo)
  • The Award for Excellence in the Chemistry Demonstrations Program: Rania Nimeh
  • The Chemistry Award for Academic Excellence: Madeline T. Heller
  • The Chemistry Award for Excellence in Research: Morgan E. Greenleaf
  • The Lehigh Valley Section of the American Chemical Society Award in Chemistry: Madeline T. Heller

Mathematics and Computer Science

  • The Computer Science Award for Academic Excellence: Alessio Brattoli
  • The Departmental Award for Excellence in Digital Art: Angel G. Falcon
  • The Departmental Award for Excellence in Mathematics/Computer Science: Jacob D. Gadaleta
  • The Mathematics Award for Academic Excellence: Anthony J. Hessler