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Trexler Library: Study Tips for Midterms

by Katelyn Q. Manwiller Mar 10, 2021
Trexler Library

It’s Midterm season and Trexler Library wants to help you make it through successfully! You are welcome to use our building safely to study or make an appointment with a librarian for looming research assignments. We also want to share some of our top study tips:

  • Make a study plan in advance.
    Decide when and where you’ll study material, prioritizing tests by importance, time, and how comfortable you feel with the information.
  • Read it, write it, say it. 
    Studying information in multiple forms can help you better remember it. Start by reading your notes and identifying key points, then write those points out, and finally say them to yourself out loud. 
  • Get creative when making study aids.
    Memory tools are another great way to remember information. Try things like making flash cards, mnemonic devices, or diagrams.
  • Prioritize sleep and healthy food. 
    You are more likely to remember information when you are well rested, so make sure to care of yourself despite the stress!