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Andre “Wyze” Davis Encourages Students to Keep Going in Character U Keynote

by Janelle Hill Feb 18, 2021

More than 100 students tuned in to Character U’s first keynote of 2021 to learn about growth, healing, and evolution. 

Andre “Wyze” Davis began his presentation—“Keep Going”—by playing a song and asking participants to envision the best version of themselves. He then posed three key questions for the audience to consider: “Who are you? Where are you? Where are you going?”

“Everyone has a different perspective of who they are based on the environments that they are in. If you want to keep going in life, know who you are at every single moment so nobody can walk up to you and tell you something different. Make a choice. Evolution is something that is very important in your life, and it’s okay to change.” 

 Andre “Wyze” Davis, Character U Keynote Speaker

Davis, who has spoken at the Apollo Theater, Harvard University, and Temple University, also encouraged students to set healthy boundaries and ask hard questions. 

“Boundaries will be the most important thing you learn in life,” he said. “And you will lose some of the people you are closest to by setting healthy boundaries for yourself. It’s going to hurt; it’s not going to feel good. But you will go further. You shouldn’t be around anyone that your dreams aren’t safe around. If you are, you are sacrificing yourself.” 

The Black Student Union and the Center for Faith and Justice co-sponsored the event, which was held in conjunction with Black History Month.

*Photo courtesy of Jacob Metzger '21