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Trexler Library Adds 5,000 Ebook Database

by Katelyn Q. Manwiller Mar 28, 2019
Sage Knowledge Database

Looking for more electronic research materials? Good news—Trexler Library has added a new ebook database! SAGE Knowledge provides roughly 5,000 electronic books for the social sciences, including reference materials, academic titles, and SAGE’s line of Major Works. Topic areas include business and management, criminal justice, education theory and practice, and health care.

These books can be found by searching in our Discovery search box. You can also browse them by selecting SAGE Knowledge from our A-Z Database list.

Here are a few examples of the books now available:

  • Diversity and Leadership by Jean Lau Chin and Joseph Trimble.
    “This compelling book delivers an approach to leadership that is inclusive, promotes access for diverse leaders, and addresses barriers that narrowly confine our perceptions and expectations of leaders.”
  • Forensic Science and the Administration of Justice: Critical Issues and Directions by Kevin Strom and Matthew Hickmen.
    “This unique book—written by nationally known scholars in the field—includes five sections that explore the demand for forensic services, the quality of forensic services, the utility of forensic services, post-conviction forensic issues, and the future role of forensic science in the administration of justice.”
  • Writing Skills in Nursing and Healthcare by Dena Bain Taylor
    “This book guides the reader through the writing process for a dissertation, thesis or essay. Practical strategies and tips for each stage of the process are offered throughout, from critical reading through to preparing the final piece of work for submission.”