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DeSales TV/Film Grads are Succeeding in Hollywood

by Kristin Laudenslager Feb 25, 2019
Did you know our grads are succeeding in Hollywood? We caught up w/two 2017 grads earlier this fall.
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(CJ) When you come from a DeSales
education then you go out here and then

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you're on, like, a huge set something like
America's Got Talent

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and then you see what, you know, compared to everybody else, it can be really encouraging.

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(LD) My name is Lindsay Driscoll
I'm a 2017 graduate DeSales University

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and I was a TV Film and Finance school
major. I'm here in LA currently working

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for the Philadelphia Fusion in the
Overwatch League. (CJ) My name is CJ, I graduated

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in the class of 2017, I was a TV film
major and I'm now the key PA at America's Got Talent.

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(LD) I'm doing a whole mixture of kind of everything and the way our program
really does teach you pretty much

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everything you need to know about each
different part of the industry was super

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helpful. (CJ) If you are interested in film
production if you want to be a director

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a writer, what have you, like, you need to
learn what everybody else is doing.

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DeSales will teach you that. DeSales, like,
has all the tools they give you so much

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time to practice it's really an
excellent program.

Last night was the Oscars, but did you know DeSales graduates are succeeding in Hollywood, too?

We caught up with two alums in Los Angles earlier this fall. Meet Lindsay Driscoll and CJ Bamert, both from the class of 2017.

Our TV-Film majors start using cameras and edit systems in their freshman year. By the time they graduate, they have close to 40 film projects under their belt! It's an incredible jump start. Factor in small class sizes and it's easy to see what sets DeSales apart from other schools!