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Fifty-Four Students Inducted into The National Society of Leadership and Success

by Janelle Hill May 10, 2018

Fifty-four DeSales students are now part of the nation's largest leadership honor society.

The students were inducted into The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) during a ceremony in the DeSales University Center. To join, students must be selected by someone on campus based on their leadership and involvement in campus activities.

"This program is a great way to have student leaders from different organizations come together as one for all the same reasons," says Megan Haugh '20, an early childhood education major. "We're all here to better ourselves as individuals and leaders."

Members are required to attend three speaker broadcasts, three success networking team meetings, a leadership training day, and an orientation.

"It's something unique," says Chris Hudak '19, a computer science major. "It's one thing to be a student leader among other peers. It's different to be part of something where a leader is grouped with other leaders."

This is DeSales' first year in the society, and it joined at the request of alumna Marissa Curry '09. To date, 195 students have signed up, including the 54 inductees.

"One of the great things about this is you don't have to complete it in one semester or a year," says Christina Grochowski '19, a biology and political science major. "You can complete it by the time you graduate. So it's very easy to fit it to your personal schedule and still work on becoming a leader."

During the ceremony, nine students were also recognized with the National Engaged Leader Award (NELA), which required them to complete six speaker broadcasts, six success networking team meetings, and five hours of community service.

The following students were inducted into the NSLS:

Brianna Abbott, Jennifer Abraham (NELA), Thomas Antenuci, Angelica Aron (NELA), Adrianna Barone, Amanda Becker, Carly Benjamin, Sarah Maria Berkenstock, Shannon Brown, Emily Ciaramella, Cynthia Cipoletti, Catherine Dieterly, Morgan Fox, Mariana Gomes Aversa, Sunny Greenberg, Emily Griffith, Christina Grochowski (NELA), Rachael Hart, Megan Haugh (NELA), Matthew Heineman, Sydney Hendrick, Sarah Hepler, Kayla Homan, Christopher Hudak, Emily Jacobson, Alexandra Jorgensen, Ellen Joseph (NELA), Lori King, Sarah Knop, Joseph Letcher, Emily Madden, Julia Marlin, Paige Matzerath (NELA), Cristian Mendez, Gabriella Merlino, Dominique Miller, Samantha Mullin (NELA), Brenna Murphy, Madeleine Nasir, Ashley Nessler, Gabriellia Nunez Becker, Holly Palan, Leann Panconi, Hannah Pergolizzi, Angela Quaglio, Joshua Restauro, Melissa Rickens (NELA), Elizabeth Sessa, Giacomo Spatola, Kaelyn Storr, Krysten Struk, Georgina VanNorden (NELA), Claudio Velardo, and Jacob White.