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Meet Madison Hoffman: 2020 Leadership Scholarship Winner

by Janelle Hill Nov 23, 2020

Walnutport, Pennsylvania 
TV/film Major 

1. Why did you want to come to DeSales? 

In my junior year of high school, I was invited to a leadership and ethics conference. As soon as we came on campus, I was like, “Oh, I love this.” My brother goes to West Chester, and I’ve only really seen colleges like West Chester, where everything’s close together. 

I saw this and I really liked the open fields. Then I started to actually look into the programs. I don’t have to go to New York to get a film degree. It just ended up being perfect. 

2. What does the Leadership Scholarship mean to you? 

It basically means my education. Coming from a small town and a lower-middle-class family, the only way that I could really go anywhere was with huge scholarships. I was actually applying for other scholarships and then I got the call. 

3. How will you continue your leadership skills at DeSales? 

I’m interested in doing something with the Special Olympics. 

4. Any advice for future Leadership Scholarship applicants?

I was in a lot of activities. Definitely talk about the activities that you’re in and how those have affected you. I think it’s being involved that they really look for. Get out and do as much as you can for your community and your school. Step up in things that you’ve already been a part of. 

5. Fun fact? 

I worked over the summer during my junior to senior year at a semi-professional theatre company being the stage manager.