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DeSales University Magazine

Featured articles from the Summer 2019 issue.

Veterans at DeSales

Mission Accomplished: Two Student Veterans Share Their Stories of Sacrifice and Success

The road to graduation day is never easy. But for student veterans, it can be downright daunting. Just ask Shannon Dodson and Nancy Tyson. The two served their country, married, and became mothers before ever stepping foot into a college classroom. But once they did, their mission was clear. 

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Dr. Ahmet Yayla: DeSales University’s Expert in Combating Terrorism and the Islamic State

The calm and quiet of DeSales University’s campus appeals to Dr. Ahmet Yayla more than most. The serene scene of Center Valley is a far cry from just five years ago, when the assistant professor of homeland security was fighting against the world’s most notorious terrorist group. 
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Dr Ahmet Yayla